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  • I, Harsh Tomar was a student at LegalEdge Bhopal. For my success in AILET 2019 and CLAT 2019, I want to thank my teachers and really appreciate their efforts which has devoted to me.

    Harsh Tomar

    NLSIU, Bangalore

  • I would like to thank LegalEdge for providing me with the confidence and helping me to achieve my goal.

    Harshita Lilani

    NALSAR, Hyderabad

  • If I am today in NLSIU Bangalore I owe this entirely to LegalEdge.

    Anurag Tiwari

    NLSIU, Bangalore

  • An extraordinary experience. My experience at LegalEdge has been transcendental - I've transformed as a person overall.

    Ishan Bhatnagar

    NLU, Delhi

  • My Experience with Legal Edge Being at Legal Edge was a life-changing experience. From the beginning when I we to year and hate Maths to now when I can solve the questions, I won’t be able to forget it. The Teachers were so supportive and friendly ,that the pressures of the drop-year was never felt. The hours of learning in the classroom, coupled with the soothing sessions in the teacher’s cabins. This led to this result.

    Aditya Krishna

    AIR 61 (CLAT) AIR 47 (AILET)

  • It all started with Legal Edge and it has all culminated at Legal Edge. My CLAT preparation has been a roller coaster journey but Legal Edge has been its most beautiful chapter. I remember coming to Harsh sir, after a flurry of poor scores in CLAT 2017 and other law entrance examinations. For anyone else it would have been a half an hour discussion but for me it was the renaissance of my dream, such is the influence of Harsh sir. It has been a pleasure to get to study at Legal Edge and it has been a great learning experience. The positive charm of Karan sir makes one feel pepped up to the tune. Abhishek sir, Anuja ma'am and Sambhav sir hold a special place in my heart,to put it simply it would have just not been possible without them. To say the last word about Legal Edge i would say, exceptional in-house learning, accurate mocks, conducive environment and just what it needs to crack the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). My warm regards to the team of Legal Edge.

    Mann Sharma

    AIR -44 (CLAT)

  • Can't thank LegalEdge enough for helping me achieve this feat through their comprehensive mocks series and all their material. The Monthle magazines were very concise with all the relevant current affairs combined at one place. All the very important questions in those magazines helped me revise almost all the topics each month. The level of mocks was higher than that of most of the previous year exams. Thus kept me prepared for the worst case scenario. The entire team was really helpful and approachable at all the times. The grand Masters box contained the very important questions of all the sections. It is designed to help you give that push when most of your mock scores become static

    Vasu Agrawal

    AIR-12 CLAT

  • I wholeheartedly thank Legal Edge for all the efforts it put in that helped me enrich my caliber. Teachers here have profound knowledge of their respective subjects. They cleared my doubts effectively and greatly improved my dealing with the subjects. The variety of mocks accurately depicted my weaknesses and the analysis-friendly layout helped me overcome them. Legal Edge is the best investment I have ever made.

    Prakhar Pipraiya

    (AIR 40 CLAT)

  • Legal edge has been a major source of guidance for me. Their mocks have been checkpoints and after very mock I could make out where I'm lacking and worked accordingly The difficulty level makes sure that we are never over board and it helped me to push my limits . I'll recommend the test series to anyone who is planning to take clat and ailet !

    Harshita Gupta


  • I, Kunal Badesra, want to thank LegalEdge for providing me the confidence and the competition for law entrance exams through their mocks and material. I took the test series in 11th std. ,and since then I’ve seen only improvement in my performance and ranks. Mocks provides by LE proved crucial on the D-day as CLAT 2018 was very similar to the pattern of mocks provided by LE. I would also like to thank, especially, Harsh Sir who helped me in solving doubts and devising preparation strategies through phone calls. Thanks LegalEdge for everything and keep generating such colossal results.

    Kunal Badesra

    AIR-8 (AILET) AIR-18 (CLAT)

  • I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to LegalEdge for their efforts and facilities in my endeavors. The mock test series was a prominent part of my law entrance preparations throughout and the materials ensured that I read every topic and understand each one of them. The online support was amazing with finest evaluation and analysis system. I am grateful to the entire LE Team for being a crucial part of my clat journey.

    Mansi Gupta

    AIR 19 (CLAT)

  • It was a experience everyone should experience . The faculty at LE is family .The sireetoss are like our parents .Karan sir & Raghu sir guidance in english, Abhishek sir & shubham sir & Harsh sir guidance in GK. Sambhav sir & sakshi mam guidance in UGAL , Arvind sir & Rishab sir guiding in maths made this journey easy .All the staff at LE make LE very positive place to study at . Studying is fun @ LE . Thank you LE for getting me its NALSAR

    Shravani shide

    CLAT 120

  • my one year experience with LE was wonderful. actually in my student life this one year is the best everything at LE is awesome . faculty here is very cooperative and inspiring . Modules provided by LE covers every topic . I especially thank you Harsh sir , anuja ma'am for inspriring us the whole year .

    Utkarsh rathi

    CLAT 74

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