Students' Speak

Aditya Krishna

NLSIU, Bangalore

Being at LegalEdge was a life-changing experience. From the beginning, when I use to fear and hate Maths to now when I can solve the questions, I won't be able to forget it.

Harsh Tomar

NLSIU, Bangalore

I, Harsh Tomar was a student at LegalEdge Bhopal. For my success in AILET 2019 and CLAT 2019, I want to thank my teachers and really appreciate their efforts which has devoted to me.

Harshita Lilani

NALSAR, Hyderabad

I would like to thank LegalEdge for providing me with the confidence and helping me to achieve my goal.

Anurag Tiwari

NLSIU, Bangalore

If I am today in NLSIU Bangalore I owe this entirely to LegalEdge.

Ishan Bhatnagar

NLU, Delhi

An extraordinary experience. My experience at LegalEdge has been transcendental - I've transformed as a person overall.

Utkarsh Rathi

NALSAR, Hyderabad

My one year experience with LegalEdge was wonderful. Actually, in my student life this one year was the best.

Prakhar Pipariya

NALSAR, Hyderabad

I wholeheartedly thank Legal Edge for all the efforts it put in that helped me enrich my caliber. Legal Edge is the best investment I have ever made

Nirvani Bhawsar

NALSAR, Hyderabad

LegalEdge not only helped me academically, but also made me open to various perspective.

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