Two Year Offline Classroom Contact Program for XI Appearing with Regular Schooling

Title : Achievers Batch

Batch Code : A

Prepare for CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT and other Law En-trances alongside XI and XII by starting from the basics and going all the way up theladder including the last 6 months of thorough Revision.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the art of solving all types of passages asked in CLAT across various sectionslike English Language, Logical Reasoning and Legal Comprehensions via regular in-teractive Live Classes and Tests.
  • Understand complex topics like Passage based Critical Reasoning, Geometry, Land-mark Judgments, Law of Torts, Current Legal News etc
  • etcLearn to analyse all the relevant Current Affairs of the complete year via detailedand regular discussions in classrooms.
  • Learn the art of cracking Legal Comprehension passages via detailed analysis ofCurrent Legal Knowledge, relevant Laws like the ones on Contracts, Torts, IndianPenal Codes, Constitutions, Family etc.
  • Learn the approach to crack the Objective type questions within the stipulated timevia discussions on Test-taking Strategies.
  • Learn to analyse the various types of graphs for the Quantitative Techniques sections.
  • Learn to crack all topics of AILET, SLAT, LSAT, MH-CET and other Law Entrances viaregular interactive classes and tests.
  • Learn the art to be calm and composed during the difficult situations during yourpreparation and in life as well :)

Course Description

Prepare for CLAT, AILET, SLAT, LSAT and other Law Entrances alongside your XII Boards by starting from the basics and going all the way up the ladder including a last month Revision.

Who this Course is for

  • for:Students who have passed X and are looking for a 2 Year Long Preparation.
  • Beginners who haven’t prepared for CLAT before.
  • Students in their mid-XI Grade, who have started their preparation but aren’t satisfied & wish to have a real boost to their preparation.
  • Students in their mid-XI who want to switch to CLAT and other Law Entrancespreparation.

Classroom Session Details

S.No Session Name Number of Sessions
1 English Language 45
1 Legal Aptitude & Reasoning 46
3 General Knowledge 90
4 Logical Reasoning 44
5 Quantitative Techniques 48
Total 273+
  • English Language
    Sr. No. Topic Description
    01 Vocabulary 1: High Frequency Words1(A-F) N/A
    02 Vocabulary 2: High Frequency Words1(G-L) N/A
    03 Vocabulary 3: High Frequency Words1(M-R) N/A
    04 Vocabulary 4: High Frequency Words1(S-Z) N/A
    05 Vocabulary 5: Confusables N/A
    06 Vocabulary 6: Foreign Phrases 1 N/A
    07 Vocabulary 7: Foreign Phrases 2 N/A
    08 Vocabulary 8: Idioms proverbs N/A
    09 Vocabulary 9: Sentence Equivalence, Cloze Test, Maximum fill N/A
    10 Vocabulary 10: Analogies, Spellings, Word Usage N/A
    11 Reading Comprehension 1 Speed Enhancement & Eye Span Development Use RSM for list of confusables
    13 Reading Comprehension 2 Idea flow
    13 Reading Comprehension 3 Developing Summaries
    14 Reading Comprehension 4 Interpretation of Key Ideas
    15 Reading Comprehension 5 Main idea, supporting idea, inference
    16 Reading Comprehension 6 Interpretation of Tones
    17 Reading Comprehension 7 Tone Identification
    18 Reading Comprehension 8 Evaluation, Application, Logical structure
    19 Reading Comprehension 9 Arts & Literature
    20 Reading Comprehension 10 Philosophy & Psychology
    21 Reading Comprehension 11 Science & Technology
    22 Reading Comprehension 12 Business & Economics
    23 Reading Comprehension 13 History
    24 Parajumbles 1 Basics of sentence rearrangement
    25 Parajumbles 2 Practice session: Parajumbles (with options)
    26 Parajumbles 3 Practice session: Parajumbles (without options)
    27 Paragraph Completion Paragraph Completion
    27 Paragraph Completion Paragraph Completion
    28 Identifying Odd Sentences Odd Sentence Identification
    29 Grammar 1 Nouns & Articles
    30 Grammar 2 Pronouns, Phrases & Clauses
    31 Grammar 3 Verbs: Tenses
    32 Grammar 4 Verbs: Auxiliaries & Infinitives & Gerund
    33 Grammar 5 Verbs: Conditionals, Voice Transformation & Narration
    34 Grammar 6 Adjectives & Comparatives
    35 Grammar 7 Adverbs & Modifier Errors
    36 Grammar 8 Prepositions: Collocations and Phrasal verbs
    37 Grammar 9 Conjunctions & Interjections
    38 Grammar 10 Sentence Correction Exercise 1
    39 Grammar 11 Sentence Correction Exercise 2
    40 Grammar 12 Figures of Speech (Theory)
    41 Grammar 13 Figures of Speech (Identification exercise)
    42 Grammar 14 Parts of Speech (Identification exercise)
    43 Grammar 15 Subject Verb Agreement, Parallelism
    44 Grammar 16 Punctuation Marks
    45 Reading Comprehension 14 Reading Comprehension Practice sheet
  • Legal Aptitude & Reasoning
    Sr. No. Topic Description
    01 Constitutional Law 1 Introduction (brief Constitutional history) + Preamble+ Part I & II (Discuss CAA and NRC)
    02 Constitutional Law 2 Fundamental Rights I (discuss right of children to Compulsory Education, Right to Privacy, Right to Access internet, Right to a decent burial)
    03 Constitutional Law 3 Fundamental rights II (Right to Legal Aid, Right to Information)
    04 Constitutional Law 4 DPSP + President
    05 Constitutional Law 5 Prime Minister + Council of Ministers + Attorney General + CAG
    06 Constitutional Law 6 Supreme Court (Concept of Dissent, Judicial Review, Judicial Activism), Governor, Chief Minister
    07 Constitutional Law 7 Legislative Assembly, Council, Advocate General, Amendments
    08 Constitutional Law 8 Consolidated and Contingency fund (Discuss PM Cares fund), Lok Adalats, Anti Defection Laws, Floor test, Election Commission, Electoral Bonds)
    09 Constitutional Law 9 Federal, Quasi Federal, Unitary form of Government, Parliamentary and Presidential Democracy, Rule of Law, due Process of Law, procedure established by Law, Important Case Laws
    10 Constitutional Law 10 Legal Comprehension Sheet based on Constitutional Law
    11 Jurisprudence Restorative and Retributive Justice, Inquisitorial and Adversarial System, Curative, Review and Mercy petition, Benches in Courts, Jurisdiction of Courts, Adjournment in Courts.
    12 Alternative dispute resolution Basics of Arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation
    13 Legal Aid PIL and its misuse, Lok Adalat, Lokayukta, NALSA, Transgender as the third gender (NALSA v. UOI case), LGBTQ rights (Navtej Singh Johar case)
    14 Criminal Law 1 Introduction (discuss concept of Mens Rea, Actus Reus) + General defenses
    15 Criminal Law 2 Stages of Crimes (plan, prepare, attempt, accomplish) + Criminal Conspiracy + Abetment
    16 Criminal Law 3 Crime against Property (Theft, Extortion, Robbery, Dacoity, Criminal Misappropriation of Property, Criminal Breach of Trust)
    17 Criminal Law 4 Crime against Property (Cheating, Mischief, Forgery) Crime against human body (Kidnapping, Abduction)
    18 Criminal Law 5 Crime against human body (wrongful Restraint and Confinement, Murder, Culpable Homicide, Bigamy, Cruelty, Dowry Death) Discuss Legal Advancement in Cruelty Law and Dowry Prohibition Act.
    19 Criminal Law 6 Crime against State (Waging A War, Unlawful Assembly, Counterfeit, Sedition) Discuss Section 144 CrPC
    20 Criminal Law 7 Discussion on Bail and Parole, Bailable + Non Bailable Offence, Cognizable + Non Cognizable Offence, Compoundable + Non Compoundable Offence, Proven beyond Reasonable Doubt, Innocent until Proven Guilty, Eye Witness, Hostile Witness, Corroborating Evidence, Perjury
    21 Criminal Law 8 Legal Comprehension practice sheet based on Criminal Law
    22 Family Law I Basics of Hindu Law (Essentials Of Marriage, Grounds for Divorce and Judicial Separation, Maintenance) Muslim Law (Essentials of Marriage, Divorce, Discuss Triple Talaq (Shayra Bano's Case), Maintenance after Divorce, Discuss Shah Bano's Case) Special Marriage Act, Uniform Civil Code
    23 Family Law II Adoption, Surrogacy, Maternity leave, Misuse of anti-dowry and Domestic Violence law, Domestic Violence against men, POCSO act, Marital Rape
    24 IPR Laws Extreme basic terminologies related to Patents, Generic Medicine, Copyright Protection and Infringement, Traditional Knowledge, Doctrine of Fair Use, Trademark Infringement and Passing Off, Geographical Indication, Compulsory Licensing, Trade Secrets
    25 Penal Laws I Delay in Court Proceeding, Death Penalty, Euthanasia and Living Will (Discuss Aruna Shanbaug And Common Cause Case), Acid Attack, ExtraJudicial Killings, Nirbhaya Case
    26 Penal Laws II Anti-Doping, Contempt of Court, Cyber Crimes And Cyber Frauds, Sextortion, Human Trafficking
    27 Consumer Protection Laws Consumer Definition, Consumer Protection Act, Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor, Deficiency in Goods and Services, Predatory Pricing,
    28 International Law Introduction, Sources of International Law, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, Law of Sea, Concept of Extradition, AntiDumping Laws, International Human Rights Regime
    29 Environmental Laws National Green Tribunal, Environment Protection Law, MC Mehta Case, Disaster Management and Epidemic Act, Polluter Pays Principle
    30 Miscellaneous laws Personal Data Protection, Net Neutrality, E-Courts, E-Filings, Judicial Proceedings through Video Conferencing, Concept of In Camera Proceedings
    31 Law of Torts 1 Introduction to Torts + General Defences (Gloucester Grammar School, Ashby V. White Case)
    32 Law of Torts 2 Nuisance + Negligence (Discuss Donhogue V. Stevenson, Doctrine of Last Opportunity)
    33 Law of Torts 3 Trespass + Defamation + Malicious Prosecution
    34 Law of Torts 4 Strict and Absolute Liability (Ryland V. Fletcher)
    35 Law of Torts 5 Vicarious Liability (Contract of Service and Contract for Service)
    36 Law of Torts 6 Legal Comprehension Practice Sheet Based on Concept of Torts
    37 Law of Contracts 1 Introduction + Offer and Acceptance (Promise), Types of Offer, Implied And Express Consent (General Offer- Carlil V. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company)
    38 Law of Contracts 2 Essential Conditions to Contract I (Consideration, Meeting of Minds, Vitiated Consent, Legal Capacity to Contract, Mohri Biwi Case.
    39 Law of Contracts 3 Essential Conditions to Contract II (Contracts in Restraint, Time Barred Debt, Void, Valid, Voidable Contract)
    40 Law of Contracts 4 Types of Contract I (Quasi Contract, Partnership, Agency, Guarantee, Indemnity)
    41 Law of Contracts 5 Types of Contract II (Bailment, Contingent, Wagering, Mortgage, Pledge, Hypothecation)
    42 Law of Contracts 6 Promissory Estoppel, Privity of Contract, Frustration of Contract, Discuss Force Majeure Clause in Contract, Anti-Competitive Agreement
    43 Law of Contracts 7 Legal Comprehension Practice Sheet Based on Concept Of Contracts
    44 Commercial Laws I Discuss Concept of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Minority Shareholder, Company’s Law, Corporate Veil, Liquidation, Cartels.
    45 Commercial Laws II Negotiable Instrument, Specific Relief, Limitation Period, Transfer of Property Law, Essential Commodities Overpricing.
    46 Industrial Laws Discuss Concept of Industrial Dispute, Lay off, Retrenchment, Right to Strike
  • General Knowledge
    Sr. No. Topic Description
    01 Current Affairs About 60-70 Sessions shall be taken by Current Affairs faculties covering the depth and breadth of all important Current Affairs, covering the Why, What, Where, When and How of all important topics. Also, thorough revision shall be done in the last 60-75 days of all topics.
    02 Static General Knowledge About 20-25 Sessions shall be taken on Static General Knowledge covering the essential Static GK (History, Geography, Science, Misc.) for AILET, SLAT. MH-CET etc.
  • Logical Reasoning
    Sr. No. Topic Description
    01 Syllogisms 1 Introduction of Syllogisms
    02 Syllogisms 2 & Hidden Propositions Problem Solving on Syllogisms & Introduction of Hidden Propositions
    03 Conditional Statements Introduction and problem solving on Conditional Statements
    04 Binary Logic Introduction and Problem Solving on Binary Logic
    05 Data Arrangements 1 Introduction of Data Arrangements
    06 Data Arrangements 2 Problem solving on Data Arrangements
    07 Data Arrangements 3 Problem solving on Data Arrangements
    08 Data Arrangements 4 problem solving on Complex Data Arrangements
    09 Data Arrangements 5 Conditional Statement based Data Arrangements
    10 Alphabet Test Introduction and problem solving of Alphabet Test
    11 Inequality Introduction and problem Solving of Inequality
    12 Order & Ranking Test 1 Introduction of Ranking
    13 Order & Ranking Test 2 Problem solving on Ordering and Ranking Test
    14 Directions Sense Test 1 Introduction to Directions
    15 Directions Sense Test 2 Problem solving on Directions Sense Test
    16 Blood Relations 1 Introduction of Blood Relation (Relational Puzzles)
    17 Blood Relations 2 Problem solving on Blood Relation (Deciphering Jumbled Up Description & Coded Blood Relations)
    18 Coding-Decoding 1 Introduction to Coding & Decoding
    19 Coding-Decoding 2 Problem solving to Coding & Decoding
    20 Sequence & Series Introduction and problem solving of Series
    21 Input-Output 1 Introduction and problem solving of Input Output (Value Based I/O)
    22 Input-Output 2 Introduction and problem solving of Input Output (Position Based I/O)
    23 Clock Introduction and problem solving of Clock
    24 Calendar Introduction and problem solving of Calendar
    25 Number Test and Reasoning of Operation on Numbers Introduction and problem solving of Number Test and Reasoning of Operation on Numbers
    26 Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Test Introduction and problem solving of Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Test
    27 Eligibility Test Introduction and problem solving of Eligibility Test
    28 Dices, Cubes & Cuboids 1 Introduction and problem solving of Dices and Cubes (Opposite Face of Dice, Open Dice, Basic questions on Cubes)
    29 Dices, Cubes & Cuboids 2 Problem solving on Cubes and Cuboids (Cube Cutting, Counting of Colored Cubes)
    30 Data Sufficiency 1 Introduction of DS and problem solving on DS (Blood Relations, Ranking & Ordering, Coding, Directions)
    31 Data Sufficiency 2 Introduction of DS and problem solving on DS (DS on Data Arrangements, Three Statements DS)
    32 HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) Problem solving on HOTS (Miscellaneous Analytical reasoning)
    33 Statement Based Session I N/A
    34 Statement Based Session II N/A
    35 Statement Based Session III N/A
    36 Statement Based Session IV N/A
    37 Paragraph Based Session I (Assumptions and Conclusion) N/A
    38 Paragraph Based Session II (Strengthen, Weaken and Flaw) N/A
    39 Paragraph Based Session III (Paradox, Parallel Reasoning and Boldface) N/A
    40 Paragraph Based Session IV (Miscellaneous and Practice Session) N/A
    41 Paragraph Based Session V (Mix Bag) N/A
    42 Paragraph Based Session VI (Mix Bag) N/A
    42 Paragraph Based Session VII (Mix Bag) N/A
    42 Paragraph Based Session VIII (Mix Bag) N/A
  • Mathematics
    Sr. No. Topic Description
    01 Data Interpretation 01 General Orientation of DI, Type of Graphs, Charts, Tables, Caselets etc. with examples
    02 Data Interpretation 02 RSM 02 Easy DI
    03 Data Interpretation 03 RSM 02 Easy DI
    04 Data Interpretation 04 RSM 2 -Moderate level DI
    05 Data Interpretation 05 RSM 2 -Moderate level DI
    06 Data Interpretation 06 RSM 2 -Complex DI
    07 Data Interpretation 07 RSM 2 -Complex DI
    08 Data Interpretation 08 RSM 5 -Moderate level DI
    09 Data Interpretation 09 RSM 5 -Moderate level DI
    10 Data Interpretation 10 RSM 5 -Complex DI
    11 Data Interpretation 11 RSM 5 -Complex DI
    12 Data Interpretation 12 RSM 5 -Complex DI
    13 Simplification 01 Word Problems, Logical Language Connectives
    14 Simplification 02 Word Problems Practice
    15 Percentages 01 Percentages Basics
    16 Percentages 02 Basic Questions
    17 Percentages 03 PSS Percentages
    18 Percentages 04 PSS Percentages
    19 Profit and Loss 01 Basic Theory
    20 Profit and Loss 02 PSS with Simple Questions
    21 Profit and Loss 03 PSS with Complex Questions
    22 Ratio and Proportion 01 Basic and Simple Questions
    23 Ratio and Proportion 02 PSS Complex Questions
    24 Ratio and Proportion 03 Partnership Questions
    25 Averages Theory and Questions
    26 Mixtures & Alligations 01 Basic Questions on only Mixtures
    27 Mixtures & Alligations 02 Alligations Technique and Questions
    28 Mixtures & Alligations 03 PSS with all types of Questions
    29 SI and CI 01 Simple Interest Basics and Questions
    30 SI and CI 02 Simple Interest PSS
    31 SI and CI 03 Compound Interest Basics and Questions
    32 SI and CI 04 Compound Interest PSS
    33 Time, Speed & Distance 01 Basic Theory of TSD, Averages Speed and Basic Questions
    34 Time, Speed & Distance 02 Relative Speed, Trains
    35 Time, Speed & Distance 03 Boats & Stream Questions
    36 Time, Speed & Distance 04 Simple Questions on Circular and Races
    37 Time & Work Pipes & Cistern 01 Time & Work Basic theory and Questions
    38 Time & Work Pipes & Cistern 02 Men, Women Questions Practice
    39 Time & Work Pipes & Cistern 03 Pipes & Cistern Questions Practice
    40 LCM HCF Basics and Simple Questions
    41 Area & Perimeter 01 2D Figures, Formula and Questions
    42 Area & Perimeter 02 Practice Questions on area and Perimeter of Rectangle, Circle, Triangle & Squares
    43 Polygons Basic Theory and Questions
    44 3D Mensuration 01 CSA,TSA and Volume of Solids
    45 3D Mensuration 02 PSS
    46 Combinations Basic of Combination and simple Questions
    47 Probability 01 Theory and Simple Questions
    48 Probability 02 Conditional probability and PSS

Test Series

Testing has been one of the most important tools of preparation since years’ and atLegalEdge we take testing at-most seriously. There are multiple type of tests that are conductedduring the curriculum

  • 1. Full Length Mocks Tests

    hese are 50+ Full-Length Mocks tests in total conducted at the AllIndia Level. For each test graphical analysis at the end of each test is generated that gives in-depth analysis to each student. There is section-wise analysis, time-wise analysis and topperscomparison as well. Check our All India Test Series Tab to have a look at the graphs generated.

  • 2. iMocks

    iMocks are tests conducted on the lines of CLAT and AILET but unlike the full-lengthiMocks tests, the syllabus in these tests is restricted to the syllabus covered in the classroom.These are offline tests and taken on a monthly basis. They cover the syllabus taught till date.iMocks cover all section with sectional time-limits allotted to every section.

  • 3. Evaluation Tests

    ETs or evaluation tests are sectional tests that are periodically conducted.These tests focus on building multiple topics of a section that have been covered in a classroom. These tests can have one or multiple sections under once test as per the need of the hour. Thesetests are different for different type of batches and are customised as per a batch requirement.

  • 4. Sectional and Speed Tests

    hese are Online Tests, uploaded on the online platform, to be at-tempted in the last 4 months of the preparation.They focus on improving the sectional scores whichultimately have an impact on the overall score. Speed Tests are essentially Sectional Tests and fo-cus on the increasing speed of a candidate

  • 5. Topic-Level Tests

    As the name suggestions that tests focus on improving a specific topic.These are 350+ in number and are uploaded on the platform. Various topics across all sections i.e.English Language (Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary including synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitution etc. Grammar including filling-in prepositions, spotting the error, sentence correc-tions, idioms and phrases etc), Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Percentages, Profit and Loss,Ratio-Proportion, Mixtures and Alligations, Averages, Time and Work, Time-Speed and Distance,Number Systems Probability etc), Logical Reasoning (Data arrangement, Coded-Inequalities, Di-rections and Blood Relations, Series, Time, Ranking, Alphabet and Number Test, Coding-Decod-ing, Conditional Statements, Binary Logic, Paragraph based Reasoning, Assumptions, Argumentsand Course of Action etc ), General Knowledge (History, Geography, Science, Economics andCurrent Affairs) and Legal Aptitude (Indian Constitution, Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Indian Pe-nal Code, Legal Terms and MaxIms etc) form a part of the Topic-level tests.

  • 6. Current Affairs Practice Tests (CAPS)

    These are periodic current affairs tests that happen at least bi-monthlyand focus on the recent current affairs. These Tests are followed by discussions and help a student to keep abreast with the latest current affairs.

Academic Events

Academic Events are an integral part of our Academic curriculum. These events helps the studentto prepare for certain topics in a different way. Performing in teams teaches them team dynamicsand life skills. All academic events are followed by prize distribution and appreciation ceremonies.

  • 1. WikiConsti

    One of the most famous events of This session is WikiConsti. The event motivateskids to prepare hard on Indian Constitution. The event is divided into 3 rounds with students gettingeliminated after every round. For round 2 and 3, students team up in groups of 2 and perform as ateam rather than individuals

  • 2. Zero to Cent%

    Scared of Mathematics? Hobbling around the magical figure of ‘0’ and wish toclimb up to ’Cent%’ in CLAT? Here is Zero to Cent% for you. An event on Mathematics which aimsto build confidence in the ‘dreaded’ subject via additional practice.

  • 3. GK Fiesta

    Everything under the sun is GK? Is that so? Yes, theoretically. But when it comes toCLAT and AILET Test Prep, the coverage of questions limits itself to certain areas and level of diffi-culties. This academic event focusses on improving the Static GK (of CLAT, AILET and associatedexaminations) of students.

  • 4. EssentiaLE

    English Language is one of the most essential subjects of CLAT, AILET and otherLaw Entrance Examinations. Apart from the regular classroom sessions LegalEdge believe in im-parting additional Language Knowledge via other means. EssentiaLE plays the essential part here.These sessions, a total of 12 in number, are conducted on a periodic basis to evolve ones Lan-guage skills, not only for the upcoming Law Entrance Tests but for life.

  • 5. Logicalympics

    A series of tests taken during the later half of one's preparation to give morepractice to the students. Part from the regular classroom session, this series of Test only aim toadd additional practice of Logical Reasoning to one's routine. They say, the more you practice Logical Reasoning, the better you will be. There is no end to Logics. The more you do, the lesser areyour chances of making a silly mistake.

  • 6. Speak Up

    Its an essay writing competition on contemporary topics conducted periodically.

  • 7. Reading Marathons

    5-6hour session focussed on reading maximum number of pages in astipulated time.

  • 7. LIT (Language Improvement Toolkit)

    A collection of articles given to students on a periodicbasis for them to read. Live Quiz is conducted on this document on our social channels.


Anurag Tiwari
NLSIU, Bangalore

If I am today in NLSIU Bangalore I owe this entirely to LegalEdge.

Nirvani Bhawsar
NALSAR, Hyderabad

LegalEdge not only helped me academically, but also made me open to various perspective.

Ishan Bhatnagar
NLU Delhi

An extraordinary experience. My experience at LegalEdge has been transcendental - I've transformed as a person overall.

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  • 350+ Sectional, Topic and Speed Tests
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