Why do you need to plan your 5 years of Law School?

February 11, 2019 270 views
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The National Law Universities under CLAT offer a five-year integrated course which basically includes your graduation and your undergraduate degree of law. Some of the Law Schools offer just a B.A. LL.B (Hons.) programme, while other Law Schools offer a variety of courses in addition to B.A. LL.B (Hons.) like B.B.A LL.B (Hons.), B.Sc. LL.B. (Hons), etc. Keeping all the major law subjects common, the basic difference in these courses are in the initial graduation level subjects. 


Law as a career option is no more limited to wearing a black coat and pleading in courts. There are a number of career options that are open to you after you have a law degree in your hand. Your career options can range from journalism, social work to corporate jobs in law firms. Since each career has its own requirements and expects different things out of the candidates, your five years in a Law School are what decide if you have the requirements and skills to pursue the career that you want to. Therefore, it becomes important to plan your years in Law School so that you can reach your career goal easily.Once you enter Law School, you will be flooded with a lot of information regarding your academics and your project submissions. You will also come to know of moot court competitions, debates, paper presentations, etc. and how they can really add to your resume. Since there are so many opportunities, you will have to pick and choose your interests and occupy yourself in them. The opportunities you choose should be able to add to your resume in a way that facilitates the requirements of the career you want to pursue. The hirers do not attach all the importance to your academics; they usually prefer a balanced resume since they are looking for traits like teamwork, confidence also. So it is important that you do participate in co-curricular activities. Plus, activities such as research paper writing can be laurels to your name even after you start working if you get publications in reputed journals.Another very important aspect of Law School is securing internships.


Most of the time students do not plan their internships and their resumes end up looking like a patchwork of different interests. This is something that you should avoid in all cases. For anyone looking to hire you for a particular position, he/she will look at your previous internships and if there is a disconnect, he/she might not favour you. For example, Law Firms while hiring for a position in the Mergers and Acquisition team, will look for internships in firms where you worked with the Merger and Acquisitions team. He/she might consider an internship in a firm where you worked with the General Corporate Team if your other achievements show an interest towards Mergers and Acquisitions, but if you had an internship with the Taxation team, he/she might not consider you the best candidate. Therefore, it is very important that your resume reflects exactly what the hirer might be looking for. And that requires a foresight and planning.If you are proactive with respect to your internship and research them properly, they can add a lot of value to your resume and substantially improve your chances of getting hired. It is important to plan, as that can help you secure your desired internships in time. Plus, you should always plan your internships depending on the career you want for yourself. If you want to go into journalism, intern with news houses and publications, if you want to get into social work, intern with Non-Governmental Organisations, if you want to go into litigation, intern with High Court/Supreme Court lawyers, and so on.Managing all of this along with the academics and attendances can get very exhausting. In order to be able to do it properly, you need to plan ahead. Without a plan, you will keep running from one pole to the other, without being able to direct your efforts into something having any potential of a favourable result. The goal is to develop a system for yourself, where you can assess where you are standing and what more you need to do.


Five years is a very long time to plan out completely, and you cannot possibly provide for all the exigencies that might arise. So, it is not recommended that you have a through and through plan, but rather you should have a goal in your mind that you want to achieve by the end of these five years and direct your efforts towards that goal.
It is practical to plan your activities around a goal. Since you have an idea where to go, you now have to find the best route to reach there. And the first step to finding the best route is to start from where you are currently and then keep seeking information as you go along the route. This is roughly how you should proceed. You can set monthly goals for yourself. Try to see if you have submissions or exams coming up in the month, and make time your studies in that month. But if you do not have any such preoccupations then you can work on a research paper, or pick up a moot competition to participate in. If you can plan so far as already researching the dates of the competition or the date of submission for the journal, it helps you prepare for it in advance. So look for opportunities that can help you grow and choose amongst them wisely. Trying to do everything at the same time does not fare well. Therefore, plan beforehand and work accordingly to get the best out the five years of the law school life. 

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