Tips to prepare fear free for CLAT 2020

April 11, 2020 308 views
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The gateway to the most reputed & top-level law colleges i.e. CLAT is no walk in the park. And CLAT 2020 is a level higher because of the uncertainty surrounding it due to its new pattern of which no aspirant has any idea. So, given so much of uncertainty & the difficulty level of this national-level exam, the fear of it in your mind gets even bigger. So, a CLAT aspirant needs to know at least the basics of how to prepare for CLAT 2020, so that the fear of exam could fade away and they can turn themselves into worthy candidates to succeed.

  1. More & More Reading - Reading is an all-time solution to better preparation. Great reading speed will be the factor which will make you stand out from the rest & outperform the rest. Since the new pattern is expected to have more of comprehensions & paragraph questions, therefore, good reading & comprehension speed will fetch you those extra marks & will also save you that extra time.


  1. Practice, Practice & Practice- Its time to get that saying “Practice makes a man perfect” into action. Practice especially helps in the quantitative aptitude section. With more of practice you will come to know of multiple ways/solutions to solve a problem. It also instils a confidence in you & hence you don’t panic out during the exam.


  1. No Last-Min Preps- Last minute preparations of exams will not fetch you the extra marks but it will definitely let your fear & tension of the exam grow more & more. This fear will not let you focus on what you are studying & will also hamper your concentration. So it is better to avoid these last-minute preparations & instead work & study hard from the 1st day of preparation.


  1. Make use of memory aids: Make use of short-term techniques to revise the syllabus like Flashcards. This technique will help in reducing your time of going through entire syllabus & thus will come handy in times of preparation.


  1. Take care of your health: In the last few days, it is crucial to maintain a sound mind. So make sure you take proper sleep, include healthy food in your diet, and practice meditation or some sort of exercise to keep yourself healthy. A healthy body and healthy mind can align with your hours of preparation.

Preparation & fear of exam can’t go hand in hand. The fear & tension will not let you concentrate on the present preparation & will also hamper your prep in future. Covering all the sections & topics really well, taking good care of your health & sleep along with preparation will help you ace through the unpredictable CLAT 2020 quite effectively. You can also visit our site for various courses & resources to aid you in your preparation & success.

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