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The Secret Trick To Nail The Static GK Section In CLAT Exam.



Going through the past years’ CLAT, it is discernible that GK has proven to be an influential sector, where one can easily score a good number of marks in very less time. Owing to its objective pattern of questions and factual nature of answers, Static GK may result in being a very high scoring area in any law entrance exam namely CLAT, AILET or SET, etc. But, before planning on to develop a strategic matrix for this area, a candidate must need to have that element of competitiveness in him.

An important pre-preparation supplement is the presence of mental framework and patience because it will lead to the strengthening of mental faculties and eventually be aiding you in your CLAT prep. Now, coming back to the topic of discussion, the field of static GK is often regarded as a make-it or break-it area in the CLAT, as it contains a lot of weight and can be answered in few minute unlike from other lengthy areas such as English or Logical Aptitude.

It is a well-known fact that most of what aspirants read, is wiped away with the passage of time, and this is a chief reason why people take this section as a burden and do not enjoy preparing it. But if, instead of mugging things up, which would eventually blow off your minds, one may try to first prepare the areas where one’s personal interest lies, for e.g. - sports, science, history, economics etc. Since static GK offers a wide range of topics, almost everyone can find a topic or two of their interest. Preparing for such topics which interest you, would fill-in the confidence and zeal required to secure good marks and it will subsequently make you thrive for more and you may end up putting efforts even for the topics which you find vexatious or you might develop an interest in such topics. You can even use some tricks to memorise the boring part, for e.g. – to memorise the names of all the atmospheric layers, one can use the following sentence- “TRuST ME IN THE EXam”, now if we see the capitalised words, we can get the names of the layers i.e.- Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere. These kind of tricks though, are different but often help in memorising things which need mugging up or things which are not of personal interest. One can find these tricks online or create their own.

A must exercise to do before starting your GK preparation is to have a glance at previous year papers, it gives you an idea of the pattern and the nature of the questions along with the contemporary trend of the makers. Sometimes, people suffer a lot by not looking into previous year papers, as they do not get an idea of the questions and work hard on things which might be of no or less importance and leaves the area which could be a decisive one in the final result. To prevent this, you should go through previous year papers for once at least and analyse the topics most frequently asked and then prepare accordingly.

Static GK has not been of much significance in the General Knowledge section, in comparison to the current affairs, but since, sometimes the current affairs are asked in relation to their past, the proficiency in static GK helps in cracking such questions. Although, the static GK part has been least asked in the previous year law entrance exams including CLAT, but given the fact that the CLAT has been on unpredictable tracks, the worth of this section is nonetheless, pretty high and one must not ignore the importance, this section of GK bears on any law school entrance examination including CLAT and therefore, prepare for it, with impartial dedication and utter patience.

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