The Five Point Plan to Ace your Law School Life

June 15, 2018 152 views
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So, you’ve cleared CLAT, AILET, SLAT or any other prominent law entrance examination this year and are all set to join the law school of your dreams? Or, if not your dreams, well, just a law school? Congratulations! ????


Unlike Engineering, Medicine or other mainstream courses, potential law aspirants are generally clueless about what prominent law schools in India have to offer, what should they expect and how to make the best use of the five-year stint at the law school. To make things simpler, here is our Five-Point Plan to thrive in your law school life:


1. Develop a habit of reading!

Face it and face it well in time. If you don’t like reading, this might not be an ideal career choice for you. You’ll have to read and sometimes read A LOT during and after your law school life. The actual text of cases, commentaries, reading while researching for Moots or preparing projects or simply while delving deeper into your favorite law subject, pretty much everything around law school revolves around reading. However, it’s fine if you haven’t yet developed a habit of reading. NOW is the right time to start!


2. Keep your mind open!

If you’ve decided, you wish to be a criminal lawyer after graduation because your Dad is one? Great! Wish to prepare for Civil Services because that’s what you’ve dreamt of always? Awesome!

But, if you’re still clueless about what to do in future, don’t stress a lot! It’s completely fine if you don’t know what you’ll do after five years. In fact, it’s pretty good. This will allow you to explore multiple options and see for yourself which career might be ideal for you. So, keep your mind wide open, at least for the first two-three years of your law school life, and intern in diverse places – under a lawyer, in an NGO, in the Legal department of a company, a new law firm, an established law firm etc. Then decide for yourself your calling.


3. Hyperactivity is always better than Inactivity!

Initiate. Participate. Get involved!

If you’re blessed enough to get a law school which provides ample amount of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities like Moots, Debates, Mock Parliaments, Quizzes as well as a chance to be involved with various Cells, Societies or Groups, don’t shy away from participating in most of these, at least in the first few Trimesters/Semesters. Depending on your interests, continue participating in a few of these till the end of your law school life. By the end of your law school life, you’ll realize a radical change in your personality which came solely due to being hyperactive and getting involved in various activities.


4. It’s a Rat Race, for sure. But participate at your own will!

Tip: If there’s only one point that you’ll remember from this article, make sure it’s this one! You’ll thank me later from this ????

Here comes the controversial point – you’ll find ultra-competitive people around you all the time during your law school life. This competition may sometimes reach unhealthy, ‘Rat-Race’ levels. Participate in this race, or don’t participate! But do it at your own will. Don’t EVER think that this is the only way to survive and prosper in your law school life.


5. Are you making enough memories?

While it’s imperative to develop your CV, network and learn a lot from your law school, don’t forget the seemingly small stuff. Don’t forget to do stuff which you’ll remember even a decade down the line. Develop strong friendships, bunk classes once in a while, have meaningful conversations with smartest people on the campus (you’ll find a lot of them, if you look hard enough), participate in dance competitions, nukkad nataks and other activities which might not have a direct impact on your career – just for fun. Every once in a while, do something you’d never have imagined yourself doing. It’s important to learn and grow, but it’s equally important to make memories. They’ll stay with you longer than whatever else you gained in the five years of your Law School life ????

Harsh Gagrani

Director, LegalEdge Tutorials

Alumnus, NLIU-Bhopal (2006-11 batch)

(Whatnext Edutech LLP Venture)

Bhopal (Head Office): 127, Zone-II, MP Nagar, Bhopal, 0755-4057435.