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Aspirants go through a rigorous one or two years preparation for the sake of getting a decent NLU and that hard work is worth it, as a National Law University has a lot to offer other than academics, and one of the major contemporary cultures across all the NLUs is ‘Sports’. There are a lot of Sporting activities being held at different NLUs throughout the year, so, if you are thinking that your preparation for CLAT has destroyed your passion for sports, then kill that presumption and move into the picture of reality as your passion can get a form in National Law Universities, which offer you with not only top class academics but also, the opportunity to invest your time in any sport and to perform well and win medals for your University in that sport, in different sports fests across India.

Almost every National Law University of India has its own annual Sports Fest. However, the Universities established before 2006 and counted among the tier 1 and tier 2 National Law Universities have successfully conducted their own sports fests for more than 3 seasons now. Following list of the Sports Fest of the top 8 NLUs would give the readers, an abstract idea of how the sports culture of different NLUs are, as, for some aspirants, academics may not be sole criterion to select an NLU and sports could play an influential role in choosing the University.

  • Spiritus- National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Spiritus is the country's first sports festival conducted exclusively for Students of Law and is an endeavour to provide a platform for the development of healthy relations between the various law schools in India. Apart from the mixture of indoor and outdoor sporting activities, Spiritus organises several informal events such as sports quizzes, screening of movies with sports-centric themes and competitions for spectators, which help liven the atmosphere at the event. Spiritus perhaps is, and will continue to be, India’s most professionally organized sports festival at the university level. It has completed eight successful editions.

  • Virudhaka- National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Literal meaning of ‘Virudhaka’ is ever growing, and the tremendous progress that has been shown by this Fest, justifies its name. It has successfully completed eight editions with continuously increasing with every passing year. NLIU has earnestly endeavoured to infuse the fest with new and exciting events, like the Sports Quiz (the only one of its kind in Law School Sports fests) conducted by one of the most renowned quizmasters and an NLIU grad- Harsh Gagrani, FIFA and Counterstrike matches, paintball tournaments, skating event, push-ups, arm wrestling and many fun events.

“So, this is the place to be at, the phenomena you need to be a part of and the event you need to experience. Refuse to lose the game within!”

  • Invicta- West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Students from different parts of the country take long arduous journeys to come to Kolkata to compete at Invicta and it is worth travelling miles. Having been completed a decade, this is the most celebrated sports fest across the Law Schools of India, reasons being, the choice of the venues-  in recent years, Invicta has seen top class venues: Sports Authority of India (Eastern Centre), Bengal Tennis Association, Salt Lake Stadium and Eden Gardens.

Ever since its inception in 2007, Invicta has gone from strength to strength and has become arguably the biggest law school sports fest in the country. Fierce rivalries. Immense competition. Friendship & memories for a lifetime. “It’s not just a sports fest, it’s a decade of excellence.”

  • Yuvardha- National Law University, Jodhpur

Five edition old Yuvardha is one of the most awaited sports fests across India. The wait for this fest is the most among the students, owing to its biennial nature and scintillating performances. The best thing that Yuvardha has is that it doesn’t have any first match as an eliminator. This ensures that the students who have travelled long journeys, do not just end up playing one match. ‘Padharo maare des’ is the tagline associated with this fest which adds an element of royalty with the Fest.

  • Justice League- Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar

Running into its third edition, Justice League is a newer fest in comparison with the aforementioned ones. The previous two editions saw great success and participation- national as well as international. In addition to the formal events such as- Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis etc., the fest also organizes informal events to make it a happening one.


  • Colossus- Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur

Colossus is the flagship Sports and Cultural fest of HNLU. It not only hold sports events but also cultural and literary events, which make it a grand one. It also holds quizzes and other literary events alongside the thrilling sports events, so that, students of different expertise may take part in the event. It has completed four editions successfully.

  • Aavahan- Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow


With one of the best infrastructures among all the Law Schools in India, RMLNLU is dedicated to making the athletic and extra-curricular atmosphere more active and enjoyable for the students both within and outside the campus. Having the privilege of an in-campus swimming pool and all the sporting facilities inside the campus, RMLNLU has successfully completed three editions of AAVAHAN. Informal events are an added element in AAVAHAN, which usually are organized to fill the time between two formal events. RMLNLU arguably has the best sporting culture and environment among all the other NLUs.

These were the sporting events being organised by different National Law Universities and have completed or are running in their third edition. Apart from these, NALSAR also has a bilateral Sports Festival with NLSIU and though it does not have its own dedicated sports fest, it keeps sending its students to play and win in different Sports Fests across the country. Even the late established NLUs like NLUO are now developing their Sports culture and ‘Viraaj’ (annual Sports Fest of NLUO) is running in its 2nd edition. Though lately, Law Schools across India have now felt a need to develop their sporting culture as ‘Sports’ injects certain fundamental values in the students such as- discipline, leadership skills and team work, among others. 

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