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The aspirants are made to believe that in National Law Schools, the academics are way tougher than they think it to be and there is hardly anything for recreation but all of it can be said to be a myth! The NLUs offer a lot more than academics and life at an NLU can never be regarded as a tedious one, as in almost every NLUs there are cultural events being held throughout the year. Further, due to the geographical diversity of NLUs, one can witness the diversity in the cultural events also and one gets to see different cultures within the Indian subcontinent.

The cultural events make a University look a little more vibrant as it has elements of color, diverse cultures, and different people. This combination of elements in a cultural event along with an addition of live band performances, various dance performances, melodious singing competitions and interesting filler events make a fest more pulsating and make a college look more comprehensive.

Following is an indicative list of different cultural events being held at different NLUs. Some of the NLUs conduct their cultural fest along with their sports fest only, so, the readers who read our previous article on Sports Fest may find a repetition in the name of the fest but they are not the same. Most of the colleges have a habit of conducting cultural fest with either a literary fest or a sports fest to make it a heterogeneous one.

Ø  Le’Gala and Strawberry Fields- National Law School of India University, Bangalore

The cultural fest of NLSIU is running into its 18th edition and is the oldest Cultural event among all the NLUs. This fest claims to be unrivaled anywhere in terms of participation, diversity of literary and cultural events and quality of the organization.

There are various cultural events being held in this fest including various types of group and solo dances, group and solo singing competitions of various types, drama competitions like mad-ads and street play etc. and various drawing, art and painting competitions like face-painting, rangoli making etc. It can easily be concluded that this fest weld all the fun events at one place, which help a student to show or discover his own talent.

The other events include various literary events such as quizzes, debates etc. and some innovative events such as screening of influential entrepreneurs at the fest, etc. This Fest is inarguably one of the best getaways from the cumbersome academics of any law school.  

Ø  Outlawed- WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata


As the name itself suggests, the fest is regarded as an apt escape from the burdening academics of a law school. The fest is conducted along with its sports fest Invicta, therefore, it has a lot more participation than many other law school cultural fests and a way more varieties of events.

Along with all the conventional cultural events, the college conducts some of the very newer types of events such as 60 seconds to Fame, Fashionista etc. The College has also hosted Nucleya in their previous editions and claims to be the grandest cultural event in all the law schools.

Ø  NH-65- National Law University, Jodhpur

The fest gets its name from the highway on which the University is located. It is held biennially and runs alternatively with the Sports Fest of NLU-J i.e., Yuvardha. There are many events being conducted in this fest and due to it, being held biennially, the participation is always huge and students wait to join this grand event. Some of the prominent events of this fest are- Extempore Moot, Parliamentary Debate and since, the Rajasthani Culture is rich in itself, the events are never dull here. The fest gets its name from the fact that the host college is on the National High 65.


Ø  Colossus- Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur

This is the flagship cultural and sports fest of HNLU and as it is conducted along with the sports fest, the diversity of events is admirable. The cultural and literary events include Fashion Show, Battle of bands etc. among others. Apart from this, it also has conducted a MUN along with the Cultural event to attract more participation.

Ø  Extasia- Dr. RML National Law University, Lucknow

The fest comes from a city, famous for its cultural diversity and tehzeeb. This fest was the successor of Spoculit(the combination of Sports, Cultural and Literary Event), and has conducted various events such as Ramp Walk Show, Street Play, Band performances, etc. among other conventional cultural events such as Dancing and Singing. The catch of this event is the treasure hunt that is conducted in the campus itself, which refreshes the brain and the body of the students participating in it. However, due to some unavoidable reasons, the fest has not been conducted for last two years but it is expected to return with a bigger and a much cooler concept this year (2018).

Ø  Pentagram- Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar

This is the Flagship Cultural event of GNLU and has been conducted in a very glamorous fashion. It has hosted many famous personalities including Salim and Sulaiman in its previous editions. Now, it is ready to go even larger than that. There are many different events being held on various cultural themes including the famous theme of Gujarat. Apart from this, the centre of attraction is the famous Gala Night that is conducted by GNLU in this fest, which attracts a lot of student participation in the fest.

Ø  Agahi- Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala

The Host has organized 7 editions of their debating fest called as Agahi. This is an annual Parliamentary Debate Competition where they follow a format of the Asian Parliamentary style of debating and they have framed their rules. The cash prizes are attractive (as high as rupees 62,000) and the best team and speaker gets recognition.


Ø  NAALAM- National University of Advance Legal Studies, Kochi

NAALAM is an acronym for NUALS Arts And Literary Annual Meet. This is the cultural fest of NUALS, Kochi and the two-day fest has seen participation from more than 100 colleges across India. There are many events and the cash prize is as high as rupees 1,50,000. They conduct quizzes, music and dance competitions, treasure hunt and other fun competitions and have literary events.  They also have interesting and unique competitions such as gaming, War of DJ’s  and 3’s football.


Ø  Sector 13- National Law University Odisha \

As established at the Sector 13 of the Cuttack city, thus the name. It is one of the upcoming national level aw school fest getting better each passing year. It is a three days gala event including events from different genres.

These were some of the Flagship events of the top two tier NLUs. NALSAR, Hyderabad too have their own flagship cultural event as such and also conduct some of the great quizzes and also holds many intra-university and inter-university debates.

The article is not focused on providing a detailed analysis of different cultural events of the different NLUs; it is just to provide a bird-eye view of how other things than Academics are held in different NLUs. This is not an exhaustive list of events and only includes some of the events of top tiers NLUs. This article mainly aims to provide the aspirants a brief knowledge about the variety of events being conducted by the National Law Universities, to give an idea of life at an NLU.


National Law Universities are innovating their fests and bringing differently themed competitions that will challenge all participants and amaze their audiences. It is a great way to hone co-curricular skills and make some friends. If you hear of a fest happening, go and explore the place and win some prizes.

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