The Aadhaar – Social Media Link-age

October 09, 2019 39 views
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Yesterday as she gulped down another cup of tea, I could feel the presence of fear shrouding her.


"What else could have threatened me more?  The thought of Aadhar social media linkage alone sends shivers down my spine. What if it is enforced, will I be able to breathe freely in the most decorated democracy of the world? ", said the dismayed privacy. 


The argument between the stakeholders of national security and the defenders of privacy compels me to ponder over the dubious availability of various alternatives for the concerns of the Union. 


The government backs its stand on the much heated floating issue by putting forth the rationale of curbing cybercrime, speeding up the traceability of seditious social media posts and bracing national security. 


But what if this well backed intention fails to befriend well protected execution?  Setting up a sensitive balance between security and privacy is not like shelling peas. Back in 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that citizens have fundamental right to privacy. But with the headquarters of tech giants like Facebook and WhatsApp majorly based abroad, won't the essence of article 21 be exposed to threat of ransacking greater than ever before? Also cyberspace is like an ocean, the limits of which our geography fails to define. How will government in this endless world ever be able to control the fake news which may pour in from abroad? Adding to above, is the fact that our privacy is already compromised by Alexa (including others) which can easily sense various human actions with precision little unknown. 


Amidst the prevalent threat, my heart goes out to privacy which may be suffocated if imprisoned with the linkage of Aadhar and social media. The need of the hour is to ensure stringent implementation of the existing verification of phone numbers and email-id along with more focused and well researched steps towards building a fortress for our virtual space, than to let privacy die battling against foes of national security. 


Vanshika Samir

(Whatnext Edutech LLP Venture)

Bhopal (Head Office): 127, Zone-II, MP Nagar, Bhopal, 0755-4057435.