Secret Tricks To Nail GK In CLAT

February 13, 2019 5181 views
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The GK section in the CLAT Paper is definitely a very crucial section since it has 50 questions out of the total 200 questions in the Paper. Which means you cannot possibly ignore this section and will have to prepare for it. Also, this is a section that takes up the least time to attempt, which means that if you are able to make General Knowledge your strong point, might end up getting 35 marks or more within 10 minutes. But this is a make or break area, which means that either you know the answer or you don’t. However, if you are able to attempt this section successfully, this can leave you with more than an hour and a half to attempt the rest of the 150 questions. Thus, building on your GK can be tremendously advantageous for you while preparing for CLAT. In order to prepare for GK, and nail it there are a few things that you can do. The first thing that the candidate needs to understand is preparing for G.K. is not like preparing for other sections. Preparing for G.K. cannot be done in a day or two, it has to be a continuous and consistent effort. This means that no question bank can take care of the entire G.K. completely, you will have to study portions of it daily while preparing for CLAT. The daily newspaper can play a very significant role in this, it may be a little time consuming initially but it is very helpful once you get used to reading it every day. You can supplement the newspaper, by reading the current affair on online sources. It is advisable to make your own notes for General Knowledge, it can include points of static G.K. too, that you come across while learning current affairs or while attempting different mocks.Another very important thing to understand is that there is usually a lot of information to learn when you start preparing Current Affairs. However, not all of that is important. In order to segregate what is important and was is not there are mainly two things that you can do. The first thing being, go through the past years questions papers and find out the topics that have been asked. For example, you will see that over the years the amount of static G.K. asked has reduced substantially. And Current Affairs have dominated that G.K. Section. Another thing to notice is the topics that can appear in the current affairs questions, for example, international appointments, awards and honors, technology, etc. Once, you are able to identify the major topics that have appeared in the past years’ paper, you can identify what information is useful to you and what information is not. In order to do this better, you can try to analyze if a piece of particular information is relevant or it is interesting or if it just concerning something famous. From these three categories, only the information that you have been able to classify as relevant is important for your CLAT Preparation. Another very important thing is to understand what materials you can refer to your GK Preparation. There are materials available both online and offline. They are people who advise to sticking to offline source since the distraction on online sources are more. However, online sources can give you a more updated account of the information and can often be more precise as there are sources that specifically generate such information for competitive exams. This is important because the Current Affairs that are asked can be from April 2019 too. Offline sources like monthly magazines and yearbooks, can be helpful if read selectively. This is important as the magazines cater to the preparation of exams where subjective answers are required. However, as already explained earlier, when preparing for CLAT only relevant information is important and the moreover, the questions only require an objective answer. Therefore, referring to magazines and yearbooks will only be fruitful to the extent you are able to extract the relevant information from it and not otherwise.


In the end, it is important to understand that the aim is to prepare for the CLAT. It is not to prepare for a quiz or a competition or an exam that is based on subjective answers where you have to write down an account of the event. Therefore, your preparation should also be in a manner which is best suited for CLAT. This means it is not important to have a very in-depth knowledge of an event, until unless it is highly relevant from the perspective of legal general knowledge. It also means that while preparing for G.K., especially current affairs, mugging up information is not necessary as there are four alternatives that you have to choose from and not write down the answer itself. Thus, if you have read information attentively and revised it that will be sufficient in most cases for you in picking the correct answer from the four alternatives given. Another important thing to understand is that this section can also become very taxing if you are in the habit of guessing the answers, even when you don’t know the answer to the best of your own knowledge. This should be avoided at all costs. Until unless you are not sure of the answer, it is best that you don’t attempt it, as that will make you lose marks. And in CLAT every 0.25 mark is important as it can significantly impact your rank which will determine the National Law University you get to go to.

I want the link of November legal magazine, can you please help me??

I want the link of November legal magazine, can you please help me??

I want the link of November legal magazine, can you please help me??

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