Quick Ways to get through last-minute CLAT Preparation

February 11, 2019 479 views
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The days just before the exam can be very unnerving, so it is important to prepare for CLAT differently than your usual preparation during these days to help you be calm, focused and ready for the exam. These days are basically the crux of your entire preparation. You will have to avoid things that can worry you unnecessarily and create more doubts for you. This is the time that needs to be utilized best to recapitulate all that you have already done and familiarised yourself with your strategy for the actual exam. Here are certain things that you can do, in order to get through last-minute CLAT Preparations.


The most important thing at this point is keeping learning new things to the minimum unless it is a few Current Affairs. You have to understand that you cannot learn more than what you have learned in the course of the last one year, or 6 months or whatever be the duration of your preparation in merely a week or so. The best that you can do is to practice and revise what you already have learned. This will not only help you remember whatever you have learned better for the exam but also allow you to feel more confident that you would be in case you take up to earn something new. The aim should be to revise and recapitulate as much as possible. It can include making shorthand notes for remembering better or merely listing down a few formulae or tricks that you can refer to right before the actual exam.


You can also make use of memory techniques and other tricks to help you remember wherever required. Attempting mocks right before the exam is not a good idea. This will only make you more nervous and anxious, especially if you end up getting a bad score in a mock right before the exam. A better way to utilize that time would be to simply revise Current Affairs. Mocks will not help at this stage of the preparation. They are only helpful when you have the time to analyze and learn from the mistakes. However, days before the exam is a time where you need to feel confident and ready. It should not be a time for analysis and reflection.


One thing that you can do at this stage is to strategize how you will attempt the paper and if you need to make up certain codes for yourself. The aim is to give yourself a reasonable time to attempt each question. This can be done in a number of ways. One of the ways can be to limit the time taken for attempting each section, or you can also divide the time in a way where you can attempt the easiest questions at first, then moderate and the difficult ones at last, without paying heed to the section.The strategy of attempting the paper is crucial as all the questions carry equal marks and equal negative marks. There are no extra marks for solving a tough question, nor will answering an easy question fetch you lesser marks than any other question. The questions will vary in the amount of time that can be required to solve them to the best of your abilities. Therefore, building a strategy that allows you to give each question its due merit, with an extra 5-10 minutes in your hands in the end so that you can go through the test and check if you missed any question that you could have attempted.


Your strategy can also include techniques like marking the questions as ‘attempt later’ or ‘do not attempt’, or any such tags that will help you navigate through the test in the best way possible. While using such techniques, it is important that you use it efficiently to allow it to work properly and not become a distraction in itself. In case, you have been losing marks on guesswork in the mocks that you have attempted in your preparation, you can even put a reasonable limit to the number of questions you will attempt based on guess-work, in the proportion of the number of questions that you are confident you have answered correctly. This will help increase your accuracy and not let you lose marks in negative marking. Any such strategic planning should be done within this time.


Another very important thing to focus on during this time is your health and routine. If you have become habitual to sleeping late and waking up after 10 o’clock in the morning, it is most likely that you will not be at your best at 10 o’clock on the examination day. This needs to be avoided. Fix your routine in order to allow you to best concentrate during the daytime, since that is when you will be taking the test. This will be linked to fixing your sleep cycle as well. It is important that you get your sleep and are not tired throughout the day. Focus on eating right and avoid foods that might make you sick.


Keep yourself motivated and do not fall into unnecessary worry as to what will be the result. Believe in yourself and your preparation. There is nothing that you can control beyond how you attempt the paper. And that should be your sole focus. Do not end up burning yourself out unnecessarily in the last few days before the exam. The exam is a test for aptitude and there is hardly anything that you can mug up in a day or two that will surely be asked in the exam. Therefore, there is no point studying extra right before the exam, it is much more feasible to revise what you already know and strategize. 

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