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Prepare for CLAT using rankholder Mranal's strategy


Mranal feels lucky he was at the LegalEdge which has everything a CLAT aspirant could ask for be it mocks, better modules or faculties. LegalEdge has it all.

Q1. Congratulations for your outstanding performance in CLAT 2017! Were you expecting this result?

Ans. No.Not at all... I was quite shocked. Although I was expecting a good college. CLAT 2017 came as a surprise for me in many aspects. Hours of dedication makes you prepared for any obstacle that a law university may offer. And when you have the guidance of best mentors across the nation, your preparation gets a direction. Luckily I was at LegalEdge. What else could a CLAT aspirant ask for?


Q2. What made you choose law as a career option?

Ans. Parents said that law will be a good career option.So I opted for it. Besides, law attracted me from the very beginning. Men in black coats have always fascinated me (by this I mean lawyers, not burglars or smugglers :P). so I opted for CLAT.


Q3.   Did you follow any specific study schedule? If yes then what was your study schedule?

Ans. No. I did not follow any study schedule. I believe one should study when one feels like studying. But yeah that does not mean you don’t study at all. Devoting 2 hours daily is enough if you don’t feel like studying at all. That much of your time you have to devote to CLAT preparation if you don’t want to reappear in CLAT.


Q4. Did you face any problem during clat examination? Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest? What according to you is the most difficult thing about the exam?

Ans. I did not face any problem as such...Maths disturbed me a lot...and Gk calmed me a lot...Stress I think is the most difficult thing to handle it's on the top always....we have to stay very patient during the whole time.


Q5. Any message or words of advice to the future clat aspirants?

Ans. yes, listen to your mentors. They have been training students for years and have seen many clats so they have remarkable insight into this exam. Sometimes what they expect you to do might be a bit tough but try to look into the merits of their advice. I was at LegalEdge which ensures that you’d get best advice but for all those who cant come to LegalEdge I would suggest you guys to listen to your mentors.


 Cheers and all the best for clat 2018!!

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