Life and Personality Skills you will need once you enter Law School

February 11, 2019 407 views
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Life and Personality Skills you will need once you enter Law School Once you are in a law school, having completed successfully that jump from being a law aspirant to becoming a law student, life can be both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. There is always so much to learn and so much to do that while you can be sitting on all-starry-eyed, you can also start to feel the mounting pressure of it too. Studying law can be immensely empowering as the knowledge and understanding of laws in general while opening accessible, is still probably one of the most underrated things for normal citizens. To know why things are done the way they are done is exciting and self-rewarding. However, that’s not the only thing that is associated with Law Schools. The opportunities and the activities you will come across in a Law School will be equally important in your legal education. While trying to do the best at all of it, here are few tips that can help you in a law school.

Management: A lot of your time in Law School will be divided in trying to pursue different activities along with your academics. These can be research paper writing, debates, moot competitions or online internships, etc. And mostly students engage themselves in more than one activity. This will lead to an increase the deadlines that you have to meet and work towards, along with each of them requiring them requiring its own time since substantial work has to be done for each of them. It such a settling it becomes important that you learn to manage your team and resources and that you learn to prioritize. Picking up too many activities can also become very taxing. At times the students are not able to plan these activities well and end up losing on their grades. And the grades are very important. So it is also a part of learning how to manage everything that you also plan ahead. Planning ahead can substantially increase your chances of having a better outcome.

Professionalism: The legal field has certain inherent mannerisms attached to it. The most widely seen example of this is the dress code that the lawyers are supposed to maintain in the court premises. Or the manner in which they refer to the Judges sitting on the bench. (While this particular practice has been held to be unnecessary by the Supreme Court, it is still practiced as a mark of respect). Therefore, it is easily understood that you as a law student will also be required to contact yourself in a particular manner. The reason for this is only so that once you become a lawyer, these mannerisms come naturally to you. These mannerisms form a part of your professionalism. And should be visible in whatever ways you possibly can. One of the places where you should use actually apply this is while making any submission, the drafting of the project/research paper should be as impeccable as possible, as the drafting of any document is very crucial in the legal field. Learn working on MS Word, look on the internet for guidance and excel Word. It is the most commonly used computer application in law.

Communication: Amongst the things that the lawyers are usually famous for, one of them is always articulation and communication. It becomes important not just professionally that you are able to word your thoughts in the most eloquent and well-structured manner, but this is helpful even socially. A lot of the legal community thrives on well-established contacts. Therefore, if you communicate well, there is a good chance you will be able to network well in the Law School and even outside it. Networking can help you get the required opportunities much easily.

Objective and Analytical Thinking: Once in a law school, you will gain exposure to a lot of different people, different information, different thought processes. As a law student, it is best if you can think objectively and try to look at whatever you are working on in its entirety. This is helpful when as you will have to read a lot of information and evaluate and organise it. Plus, an objective thinking will lead you to appreciate both sides of the narratives. It is important that you are also thinking analytically, so as to look for logical connects and not give way to prejudice and biases. It is utmost important for you to be successful as a lawyer, that you learn how to appreciate facts and rely on facts rather than opinions. Try to work out what you are going to say before you end up saying it. And make sure what you are saying is backed up with facts.

Legal Reading and Writing: While this sounds more of a professional tip, you should take this as a life tip once you are in law school. Studying law requires a lot of reading of legal terms, provisions of law, case laws, etc. etc. It is important that you get used to the legal language since it is only then that you will be able to use them in your writing. Legal English uses a lot of Latin phrases and old English words like, ‘notwithstanding’, etc. Plus, the manner of any legal writing is also important. Usually, all legal writings are supposed to be clear, concise, complete and correct. This should be how you write your projects/answers/papers. Attention to DetailTry to go that extra length and learn the entire citation of the case that the professor mentioned in the case. Small details like this become very important in the legal field. While mentioning an important judgment in whatever reference, the name of a case probably will not suffice without the information as to the Court and the bench that passed the judgment. Similarly, you will have to remember a lot of provisions of the statutes that you will be studying. It is important that you have an eye for that attention and try to remember it. It is a practice that it highly appreciated in the legal circle.

Resilience: Learn to stay strong and stay focused. Law school may seem overwhelming but it is just a peek into the life beyond the law school, with all the pressures of the world. Having a sense of purpose to keep you motivated it very important since it can become testing. If you can able to work up resilience and stay with it, it will be immensely helpful as you can then learn with autonomy and can develop a better problem-solving ability.  


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