Law School- An Untold Story

February 13, 2019 388 views
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Being a law student or for that matterentering into any professional course is a completely different ball game as compared to school life. Speaking from personal experience, one thing that I am very certain about is that law school teaches you much more than just law. This is not a scripted statement but something that I understood and learned in the past three years of being in law school. However, as it is rightly said that you will not understand it until you put yourself in my shoes.   First things first, the very first question circling a law student is if law is for you. I believe some of you are still confused if law is the right path for you and some of you decided in high school itself that law is your destiny but irrespective of the decision, the important thing is to make an informed one. The main ingredient of an informed decision includes information of the profession; here it is the legal fraternity. So research the field, take advice from the players of the field and then apply it in your circumstances. Once you have done that, you are ready to make a choice, the choice you believe in and think will work the best for you. I personally believe that once you set your mind on something and decide to give in all you have got then there is nothing that is not achievable. But it all boils down to whether you made a decision you believed in or not. Now since we have addressed the issue of “law as a career”, it is the right place to discuss about law school andbeing a law student myself, I would like to share with you some insights to make you understand that Law school is much more than just academics since law School works towards your holistic development and not just academics. The spectrum of co-curricular activities that are organized in law schools are: 



Apart from these competitions, almost all law schools across the countries organize annual fests which involve all activities ranging from sports to art, from debates to seminars, from concerts to fares. One of the main things that all these competitions teach you apart from gaining expertise in law is team-work and sportsmanship. Every law student has at some point of time has experience failure or defeat. But it gives you the courage to stand up and be proud of all the hardwork that you had put in, during all those months and to applaud the winners. Everything that you do during your time in law school will eventually add up and you will realize that it has left some impression in your life, Now talking about internships, the second pillar of holistic development in law school is actually a word that haunts and inspires every law student. For a few, it might be difficult to land a good internship or to be precise, the best internship as per your qualificationThe beauty of this profession is that even though two people are doing the same work the interpretation of law and application of the same can vary vastly. So, you don’t have to worry about your peers getting better opportunities, because they will, but instead work hard and let this motivate you. It should never be a factor that discourages you but always take it in a positive manner otherwise it will be very difficult to survive the five years of law school and thereafter the legal profession.
In law schools, great weightage is attached to all these extra-curricular activities and although a lot of colleges do not impose these activities on any student and it remains completely voluntary but it is always better to experience it than regret missing the opportunity later. It is very helpful for students like me who lack in the confidence department. These competitions and activities help you polish your skills both oratory and literary, in a manner which no class or diploma can teach. So, once you step into law school try and experience everything but do it on your own pace and not because others are doing it. Give everything you do your one hundred percent and you will always emerge as a winner. 

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