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Know the ways to crack CLAT by Vivek Badkur, CLAT rank holder




AIR 346 IN CLAT 2017


Congratulations for AIR 346 in CLAT 2017. What was your thought process while preparing for CLAT?

Being a fresher I started my CLAT preparation from summers. I planned a schedule for the whole preparation with the help of Karan sir. I knew that the time I will have after December would be only for revision so I tried completing my whole preparation except current affairs before December. During the whole preparation time, I was kept busy and on-track by the highly extensive test series of Legal Edge. The cut throat competition I got in Legal Edge always made me work harder. Whenever I was depressed or tired of the work pressure from school and CLAT preparation the solution was always found at one place and that was harsh sir’s cabin. They kept me motivated through out this wonderful journey.

How did you prepare for each section? What were your strong and weak areas? How did you improve on your weaker section?

I solved the CLAT question papers from 2008 to 2016. I started solving them section-wise and it took me three days to solve the English section alone from the past papers. There is no need to prepare from too many materials as you might get confused one COMPLETE source is more than enough.

Mathematics is my favorite subject from childhood, so I am good with that. Mathematics plays an important role in analytical skills. For English, I read several newspapers, novels, and online journals. For Legal section, I practiced 500 to 1000 questions as the questions get repeated every year with minor amendments. Through this, I could understand the trick to solve every question. I also referred to the coaching manual.

For me, the weaker sections were General Knowledge and Current Affairs. I started learning from my mistakes. With the help of weekly mock test, I started improving my weak areas. I followed with MONTHLYs. I particularly found MONTHLEs very helpful and important.

What is more crucial – accuracy or speed?

The crucial part is speed in the beginning. It has to be a balance in the later stages. You must prepare yourself for the CLAT exam according to your strengths and weaknesses. As Karan sir will say ‘phle sekho fir speed bnao’.


Amidst such hectic preparation schedule, what did you do to de-stress yourself?

As I had to manage school studies as well as clat preparation it became very hectic for me. The big trouble started from the month of January 2017 when I I had to prepare for school as well as CLAT. I kept myself motivated through interaction with the whole faculty at Legal Edge. To de-stress I usually visited any of the faculty room at Legal Edge. Arvind sir has always been a complete source of motivation.


What were you feeling while getting ready on the exam day?

It was a mixed feeling. I was anxious as well as excited. I remember when I was going inside for the CLAT exam Karan sir made me read some ‘rules to follow’ which included a list. For eg the recommended attempts according to the difficulty of the paper that particularly helped me.

Was there any strategy which you chalked out for appearing in the online CLAT paper?

I was very comfortable with the online platform. Taking those 60 mock tests had helped me become familiar with the online platform. I knew how much time I needed to spend on each section. So I didn’t need to follow any particular strategy while appearing for CLAT.

CLAT had quite a few erroneous questions. Did you attempt them? What do you have to say on this?

I did attempt a few of them. But whenever I felt there were erroneous questions, I left them. According to me, it was not a disaster. If you have prepared diligently for the CLAT exam, these discrepancies do not play a big role. Plus



“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

This belief really helps kick-start your mission for anything you want. If you believe with all your heart that you can do something, only then you put all your effort into it.

Get a schedule to follow. If it doesn’t work then change it. Try to get as much consistency with your preparation as you can. Never ignore the mocks and analyze them, else, you will keep repeating the same mistakes. Most importantly, never lose your heart, try for the best but be content with what you achieve and never take it too seriously. Spare time to dabble a little in your interests. Keep in touch with your friends. Follow a routine and you will sail through to endless opportunities and an exciting future.


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