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Know the strategies to conquer the current affairs section in CLAT


Time management! Yes, this is the key to stand distinguished from others in an exam like CLAT, where you need to be quick and efficient simultaneously. Since all the other sections of any law entrance exam including CLAT are time-consuming, GK is one section where you can score the most in the least time and save the clock for other sections. This section being completely factual, won’t ask for your application of mind and therefore, can be tackled easily.

GK comprises of two sections- Static and Current. This article would be talking about the strategies one can use, to do well in the Current Affairs part of this section, which in turn would reflect on your final rankings. On analyzing past year papers, it is quite apparent that the part of Current Affairs carries more weightage than that of Static GK and thus, it needs to be done with a little more sincerity.

Now coming to the sources, there is no single source where you can comprehensively prepare for the Current Affairs and numerous sources need to be relied upon in order to secure good marks in this section. Sources may vary for people going to different coaching centers and people preparing on their own. For the former, centers generally provide compendiums and timelines of all the important and relevant events at the end of every month. Reading and revising it with honesty would fetch you marks to crack the section though. However, if you want an edge over other students, you need to put in efforts to acquire something extra, apart from what has already been given in the timelines provided by the Coaching institutions.

Knowing extra is no rocket science and certain simple things can be done for getting an upper-hand over other aspirants. Following are few strategies one can use to make the best use of this section in the paper-

  • Read Newspapers and make notes- Yes, howsoever cliché it may sound, but reading newspapers help to a large extent. One must know how to read it for CLAT. Since, exams at this level are generally objective and moreover, CLAT and other exams ask only facts and not opinions, so, be careful of what you read. A notebook, divided into different topics such as- appointments, sports, achievements etc., can be maintained, writing daily notes on it from the newspapers and revising them routinely would definitely help you to grasp some additional knowledge and you may also develop a new interest which would eventually help you in your Law School

  • Monthly and Annual Magazines- One would ask that if someone is writing daily notes, then why reading monthly or annual magazine is being suggested and how is it going to help? The query is genuine but the answer lies within the question itself. If one is writing daily notes then wouldn’t it be a matter of revision for that ‘someone’ to go through a monthly or an annual magazine? Moreover, these magazines are designed for the purpose of competitive examinations and therefore, provide only relevant material unlike newspapers, which are printed for the public at large and thus, there are chances that one may make irrelevant notes and in that case, these magazines would act as a guiding light for such aspirants.

  • Online Help- For some aspirants, online help may not be available but it doesn’t mean that they are lagging behind from those who have online sources at their disposal. What online help does is, it concentrates all the material and makes it available at one place. Sites such as GK Today, Jagranjosh etc. aim to provide as much relevant material as possible at one place, so, the aspirants do not have to waste time in finding sources. This is a good option for those who are not attending any coaching center, as it makes sure that you are reading apt stuff and thus, acts as a virtual coaching center in itself.

These aforementioned were few things one can practice to make a better chance for any law entrance exam and take it with complete preparation. Newspapers like ‘The Hindu’ not only helps in improving your GK but also has the potential to improve your English in a comprehensive manner and therefore, a regular reading of this newspaper would help in different ways.

Revising, whatever you have read time and again is important to make the stuff stay in your mind, otherwise, there are possibilities that whatever you have read, might slip out of your mind. Also, keep practicing questions on Current Affairs at short intervals to test your preparation and get a reality check every now and then. Unlike Static GK, this area doesn’t need much research because it is dynamic in nature and would keep changing every year and hence, looking at past year papers is of less importance here. However, a casual reading of past papers will give you an idea of the approach taken by the organizers. For the specific purpose of CLAT 2018, one must prepare Current Affairs right from the month of March 2017 till April 2018. Scoring well in this section will definitely give you an advantage in the final ranks and to do that, one must keep in mind that only facts are of importance and then make a streamlined approach towards Current Affairs’ preparation. 

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