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Know CLAT success tips and tricks From Pooja Dhamor, CLAT rank holder



Q.1) Congratulations for your outstanding performance in CLAT 2017! What was your reaction upon knowing your rank?

Answer: Thanks a lot. I was satisfied enough with my CLAT rank. With the release of the score card, I was distressed to see such a low score but soon it was clear that there is a tremendous drop in CLAT scores this time. Soon I was confident about my rank being somewhere within top-100 but top-50 was something I was still ambiguous about. That happiness which floated on my family's face completed me. that's what I wanted at that point of time.


Q.2) When did you start your CLAT preparation? Tell us something about your preparation strategy and daily routine.

Answer: I appeared for CLAT 2016 and scored some 1000th rank in my first attempt and 15-days preparation. Though I got NLU-Ranch in the second list, I was dissatisfied with my performance and decided to give one more attempt. I was very clear with my concepts in Maths, Reasoning, and English, so they didn't give me much pain. I was not much bothered about these 3 sections. All I needed was a better GK and Legal Aptitude and these were the two sections I worked upon.


Q.3)  How extensively did you practice mock tests?

Answer:  LegalEdge mocks prepare you for the toughest you can expect which feels so good when you find a much easier paper and even better when you get a tough paper which is now a cakewalk for you. I started with a poor 60 in my first mock to something decent in line of 120+ (Yes that's what I call decent in LE mocks).  These mocks will prepare you for anything under the planet which you can expect from CLAT authorities.

Q.4) What are your messages for future CLAT aspirants?


·  Be consistent. Give your best. Live for your dream to study in a top college. Practice Hard. 

·  Solving past year papers is a key, especially the legal section, though legal edge mocks and modules cover that thing, but still go through all the past year papers of CLAT, AILET and SET       as well. Questions do repeat.

· Practice mocks as hard as you can. LE mocks are so good at both quality and quantity with a brilliant mock-analysis portfolio. Practicing mocks is just half a task done, analyzing mocks are   what which gives you the real edge. Mocks prepare you with the widest possible relevant content, improve your speed and know your accuracy level. Give mocks with as much zeal as you     can and please don't cheat in mocks because if you are doing so, you are cheating your own self.

·  Get your doubts cleared as and when they arrive, don't compile things for future because there is already so much to do in the end that you often end up missing the important stuff. So be      regular from the beginning.

·  Try completing the course by December. Revise it once by March and then do the final revision in the very last month of April. Meanwhile, keep focusing on current GK as well.

·  There will be times when you might feel distressed, disappointed, tired or uninterested but then try to have that zealot in you which keeps on telling you that you want to be next AIR 1. But       never come under the pressure of a rank. Just work to your best, and tell yourself that I'm giving my best. Whatever reaps will be beautiful and tasty.


Q.5) How much of your success do you think you owe to LegalEdge.

Answer:  I was a test-series student of LE but never felt that. Every time I mailed them with any query or problem, they replied me well in time. Their mocks are something which I truly call a key to CLAT rank. The monthly magazines were so concise, relevant, detailed and well-structured. And then came the Dailies in the last month, those so motivating, inspiring and guiding messages, these were the real things which helped me crack CLAT and that too with a bang. I owe so much to LE for those in instilling that vigor in me in the very last month, for helping me overcome my attempt rate with so enhanced sectional analysis and with those precise current GK modules.

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