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In conversation with Saquib Ali, CLAT rankholder




Let’s hear from Saqib how Harsh Gagrani’s constant guidance help him get motivated throughout and how he solely relied on the booklets provided by Legal Edge apart from reading newspapers daily.


Q1.Congratulations for your outstanding performance in CLAT 2017! What was your reaction upon knowing your rank?

Ans.Thanks. I was completely overwhelmed when I saw my rank. Though I was expecting a good rank, no way had I thought about getting AIR 220.


Q2.What preparation strategy did you follow for CLAT/AILET?

Ans. I was not quite sure of pursuing law in the beginning but by the end of class 12th, I was quite confident about it. I was quite late though as many of my classmates were preparing for class 11th itself. So I just thought of giving it a try in 2017 and take a drop and prepare seriously for CLAT 2018.

So I was not at all pressured to clear it this year unlike those who’ve been studying for 2 years. And now I think that helped me a lot. My main focus was on writing mocks and then analyzing them. I got to know my strong and weak areas and worked on them thereafter. Also as clichéd as it may sound concentration in the class is the key. If you listen to the teacher carefully you would find most of the concepts cleared and won’t have to waste any additional time recalling it at home later.


Q3.How many hours did you devote to CLAT preparation?

Ans. I joined Legal Edge’s Crash Batch after my 12th class Board Exams which meant that I had only ~45 days to study it all.  Till AILET I studied for around 2 hours (in addition to those 6 hours I spent in coaching) but after it, those 2 hours turned into 12 for the last week before CLAT. And I got the constant support, motivation, and guidance of legal edge’s faculties. I was given all the necessary material and constant words of advice from harsh sir motivated me throughout. 


Q4. Can you specify your subject-wise CLAT preparation? How did you manage your weaker subjects?

Ans. I had Math in my +2 so it wasn’t that big a problem. For Current affairs, I solely relied on the booklets provided by Legal Edge apart from reading newspapers daily. Logical Reasoning and English were taken care of in the coaching itself. Legal Reasoning was one subject that I dreaded. But by the end of those 45 days, it became one of my most favorite subjects and all credits to Sambhav Sir. He made sure that we start thinking like lawyers from now itself. And because of that, I ended up scoring the most in Legal Reasoning.


Q5.What according to you is more important: Speed or accuracy?

Ans.Both of them are equally important if you want to get in a National Law University. You won’t be clearing CLAT by solving 200 questions with 50% accuracy or by solving 100 questions with 100% accuracy. It is the combination of both that will fetch you a good rank. edge, we are taught that it is better to know both: what part of the syllabus is to be covered and what should be left. What do you believe in hard work or smart work?

Ans. As a Crash Batch student with ~45 days to prepare for one of the most prestigious exams of our country, I surely believed in smart work. I didn’t waste my time learning and practicing all type of questions. I carefully left those which were quite tough and had a slighter possibility of coming in the exam and focused on the frequently asked questions.


Q7.How much of your success do you think you owe to Legaledge?

Ans. All of it. I was quite sure of not getting an NLU this year and taking a drop. But on the first day itself, we were told to take the idea of drop out of our minds and focus on clearing this year’s CLAT, for the next 45 days. LE helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies. Teachers here are very caring and they make sure that each and every class is fun, educational and interactive. I can positively say that LE has made me a better person.

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