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How to stay positive in Exam Times


There is just a month over left for CLAT and the students appearing for it are going heads over heels. Freshers are busy with their board exams and yet cannot un-think about CLAT and droppers are engulfed in tension and pressure of cracking the exam. For all the students, who are taking CLAT, one advice that must act as a stress buster is that just stay positive and do not think about not cracking it, instead just think about how well you can crack it.

You would come across hundreds of articles, which will tell you the tips and tricks to crack the exam well and in the previous posts, this blog has also dealt with that issue. This article, however, particularly deals with how to stay calm and maintain your composure while dealing with one of the most diverse exams in the country that works as a key to your entry into premier law schools of the country.

The pieces of advice are divided into two parts- first part will deal with the academic advise, where general tips related to the exam will be dealt with and the second one will deal with general tips, which you may induct into your daily routine to maintain your composure and stay positive during and before CLAT.

Academic Tips-

·         Practice brings precision

This is an old saying but its relevance has never faded. The amount of practice you put in is directly proportional to the chances of success in the exam. Practice has manifold advantages. One of them being the increase in precision and accuracy while solving a question. More practice means better accuracy, which ultimately leads to success and you will be able to score good if you have practiced enough. Secondly, it will help you to cover as many questions as you can and there are chances that these questions, which you have practiced, will come as it is in the examination and you will not take even a bit to solve it correctly, therefore, it will save your time. Another thing that can be done is to make your own tricks to get things done, it will be easy to remember, as it is indigenous and you will be confident about its usage.

·         Revision

There is much confusion among the students between revision and practice and rightly so, but there is a difference between the two and to gather success, both needs to be done. Revision is where you revisit things you have studied before, while practicing is to solve new questions. Revision is useful in the GK, English and Legal sections whereas practice is more important to solve logical and mathematics sections. Whenever you learn a new word, a new fact or a new legal maxim or principle, you need to revise those in order to stick them into your mind because without revision, these things will never stick with you and therefore, revision is one of the most important things during exam preparation.

·         Strike where the iron is hot

There are thousands of things covered under Current Affairs, Mathematics is never ending and you can create lakhs of questions under logical head but to practice and revise all, is impossible. Hence, it is very important to read, revise and practice those things which is essential for the exam and not every question. For this, you may refer to the modules of LE, as modules here are prepared after scrutinising last years’ papers and post extensive deliberations among experts. 

·         Experience is important

Talk to those in your acquaintance, who have appeared before or have cleared CLAT previously. It may seem unnecessary and not useful but let’s clear all myths, talking to a senior or an experienced fellow would prove fruitful as first-hand experience or primary experience is always better than secondary or theoretical one.

·          Strategizing is always important

Make a plan of action and keep updating it regularly. You must note down all the things at the end of the day. Since not much days are left, you must know that what do you know and what not. You must make your plan accordingly, as starting a new thing at this stage is not recommended, so you would know where you ought not to go and where do you need to put in extra time and effort.

 General Tips-

·         Water- the best thing in the world

Whoever has said this aforementioned quote is absolutely correct. This article shall not deal with the scientific aspect of the advantages of water. This is a general, tried and tested tip for the exam. It is important to stay hydrated as it will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will help in keeping your mind and body active and secondly, it will help in the blood circulation which will prevent you from forgetting things.

·         Reward yourself with good and healthy food

Rewarding, here, doesn’t mean to eat junk but to eat healthy and nutritious food. Home cooked food is the best in these times. Junk won’t help your cause as it badly affects your mind and stomach and an unhealthy mind won’t run for long and you will be feeling a need to take breaks in short intervals. Eat your favourite food every once in a while to keep your mind fresh and to concentrate on studies.

·         Keep your parents/family members updated

You will never feel insecure if your family is by your side. Keep your closed ones updated about your plans and approaches. This will help you to be firm on your decision and also fetch you some invaluable tips from your experienced parents or family members.

·         Keep your brain well circulated

Chewing helps in better circulation of blood in your brain. This is a tip for those who study for long hours. Keep chewing gums or anything chewable to keep yourself concentrated when studying for long hours or when having a long sitting session.

·         Sleep well

Old yet useful. Sleeping is one thing which is hated by the students during exam times, due to the tension building up. But sleeping well before the exam will definitely fetch you good marks and not only before but during this period, when the exam is near, the students must sleep well as this will help them to grasp things quickly and also, to remember things. This might be an old tip, but try it for once, and you will get the justification of it being the oldest tip.

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