How To Stay Positive During CLAT Preparation

February 13, 2019 414 views
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It is crucial in order to work efficiently that you keep your mind in the game and not let it wander away. This is true for CLAT preparation too. CLAT Preparation is no different from working towards a long-term goal that you need to achieve, to ascertain a better future for yourself. It is hardly practical to assume that your emotions or mental facilities will always allow you to work in the most productive way.


The key is to understand that there will be problems with your morale and motivation on certain days, and it is only human to feel the pressure of the situation but it is also important to not let it get the better of you and become an obstruction in your preparation. There are certain things that you can do to avoid such issues and to stay positive during your preparation. The first thing that every candidate needs to do is to believe in his/her preparation. Whatever be the current status of your preparation, you should understand that you have done at least something. The aim is to allow yourself to understand that your thoughts are not more important than the work you have put in. Thus, when in self-doubt, try to reason it out with the last week worth of preparation that you’ve done, and if you feel you haven’t done enough, then sit down and complete some exercises there and then. You will slowly realize that you end up feeling more productive by the end than doubtful.


It is very important to be mindful of your thoughts. You have to understand that it is not the thoughts, but the work that you do, that will help you. Therefore, worrying and panicking over a bad mock is useless. What is better is that you sit down with the mock and the answers and see what questions you attempted incorrectly and if you could do anything to prevent this is in other mocks. And make note of these points in ink and refer to them before taking your next mock. In case, you are hit by a troubling thought repeatedly, try to reason it out in your head, or aloud to yourself. It is a small thing, but it is immensely helpful in nipping the thought as soon as it raises its head and not letting it get to the stage where it affects your work.


Another thing that the candidates should realize is that even though there is substantial competition in the exam, you should not compare your preparation with anyone else and get worried about it. The test is framed to test your abilities and aptitude and that is what you should worry about and not the other candidates. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and one’s preparation is the individual’s own business. There is no point getting worried over someone else’s preparation, as that is not something you can control. The only thing that you can control is your own preparation and let that be your business. Preparing for CLAT can cause stress and undue worry. So, it is also important that you find things that help you relax. It can be taking a walk, or listening to or playing some music, or meditation or anything else. Basically, anything that helps you unwind and refresh your mind. This will help you get out of that mental state of worry and let you get a fresh perspective on things. While keeping calm is important, it is equally important to keep yourself motivated.


The preparation is a reasonably long journey to a goal that will be determined by all but 2 hours. These two hours are crucial and will probably determine that next five-six years of your life. That is a lot of pressure over something that you probably cannot foresee and can lead to you being demotivated to work on certain days. It is okay to feel that way, it is only human after all. The key is to not dwell in it and to find a way back to a state of mind that will allow you to work. It is advisable to find things that motivate you. It can be little quotes like, “you can do it.”, “You got this.”, etc. written on top of your notes or stuck on your desk. It could be a song or a speech, it can even be Shah Rukh Khan’s famous speech from Chakde India, anything at all that works for you. Find one thing or a mix of things that help you when you are down and keep them close to you as you will most likely need them.
All this is important as you will only be able to function productively if your head is in the right space. One thing that can surely help you from getting bogged down by negative thoughts is to build consistency in your preparation and follow a reasonable routine. This will allow you to prepare properly and leave little to uncertainty, thereby not letting you get into depressing cyclical thoughts. Concentrate on what your aim is and work towards it. It will make you anxious at times, and it is only so because the goal is important, and that is okay. Believe in your work, and let the result be what it is. There is only so much that you can control, worry about that alone and nothing else.

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