My LE Story

July 26, 2018 264 views
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'Difference' would be too small a word to describe the role played by LE in my life. LE made an impact, left an indelible imprint in my life and above all, it acted as a guide for me which showed me the right direction at a time when my chips were arguably down. I thought that for me it was a lone battle, given the fact that I was taking up a 'Crash Course' with not even a month's time to prepare. But I was dead wrong. I knew that I was racing against time, battling against those heavyweights who had spent around two years of their life in a quest to crack the CLAT examination.

But if there is one thing that LE taught me in those few days, then it was to have faith in myself. This institution has changed my perspective towards learning, and life as a whole. It encouraged me to open up, to clear my doubts, to be gregarious and not to be a wallflower which I was back then. I would always be grateful to Asim sir since he was the person who cleared my doubts regarding the correct usage of I and me. Maybe it's a small thing and might sound a bit silly too, but others have no idea how big a deal it was for me. I remember the day when the students who secured a rank below 2000 were called. That day and even at this very moment, I feel guilty when I see Arvind sir, because I know that that man had given it all for us, clearing hundreds of doubts, condoning us for not having done the homework but never losing hope that we'd do it the next time. But sadly I was not able to reciprocate the efforts which he had put on me. Because of him I've realized it the hard way that my laziness and lack of hard work is an insult to those who have faith in me. I made that mistake once, but I'm not going to do it again. Now today when you ask me about the difference that LE has made, well looking at the mirror and knowing the person that I have become, I can say without an iota of hesitation that it has done a world of good to me. It made me a person who is now inquisitive, a person who now has respect for the laws of this country and a person who I never knew existed before. If a person who didn't even know the difference between codified and uncodified law ends up studying in a very reputed law school in just a month's time, then not only it tells about the dedication of the student, but it is also testimony to the fact that this institution is willing to put in blood, sweat, toils and tears to make sure that their students sail through the examination with flying colors even at the cost of some back breaking work. LE didn't make a difference in my life, rather it 'made' my life.

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