My LE Story

July 26, 2018 248 views
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Failure can make you despise even the most loved of things but even though I couldn't make it to a NLU love for LE hasn't receded a bit. To call it a coaching would mean to undermine the efforts that each family member puts in to bring out the best in you. It's an institution (with the present growth rate it will soon be officially declared one in itself. It has given me mentors for life and this mental peace and satiation that when in the abyss of dilemma feeling sandwiched between choices instead of knocking random doors just dial Harsh Sir's or any mentor's number. LE has taught me the importance of persistence. That one little step that you take each day reduces the drift between you and your goal and gives you the boost to take that giant leap to reach your goal envisaged. When in LE you don't cram things you make memories. Even when you don't have book in your hand you are still learning. It's the optimistic attitude of mentors that teaches you a new approach towards life. LE has helped me ignite a fire in me that helps me set ablaze all my inhibitions. It has taught to me smile through each problem and to look at the sunnier side of life.

It has taught me to rejoice success and embrace failure equally. Presence of such mentors who are more friends helps your boat keep sailing. At times its just a pat on your shoulder, a comforting smile, a reality check, (rare) rebukes from my mentors that has made my life more liveable, likable and lovable.

I still remember my first day at LE, life was replete with inhibitions and uncertainties. It's LE that has made all the difference. It is this place where you learn that you don't have to be a prodigy to succeed or do anything extraordinary just stay focused, challenge your problems, meet them head on and ensure your rendezvous with your fears more often. You don't need a sword hanging on your head to get things done just enjoy and love what you do and it will take half the effort anticipated.

Discussions at LE flows naturally. You can approach mentors with all your questions silliest of them not necessarily pertaining to academics vague questions like Sir Zindagi kya hai are answered with patience and of course a wide smile on their faces.

LE has taught me that when at crossroads think, believe and continue to walk. People will criticize you, mock you but it's the will to continue unfettered that'll take you places. You can choose to fight or go for a simpler way and just give up(though LE won't let you) it will stand by you. It is a pillar of support, a shoulder you can rest your head on and cry your heart out. It will never disappoint you and it's magnetic pull laced in love will draw it towards you. LE is family. #proudLEitian for life

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