Here’s how you can excel in CLAT’s new pattern

March 07, 2020 262 views
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A lot of buzz and attention has been centred around the newly introduced CLAT pattern. There is confusion & anxiety in students as they are going to attempt this pattern blindfolded without any previous years’ questions and other resources at their disposal. The pattern is completely new and therefore unpredictable and with the CLAT 2020 exam date closing in students need to get hold of some tips & tricks that will help them excel the new pattern of this exam.

  1. Analysis Of Paper- This is the most basic task to do while preparing for not only CLAT but any type of exam. Analyzing the examination patterns and the type of question that might be asked helps you in preparing optimally for the exam. Since this year there are no precedents, aspirants are expected to look at the sample paper given by CLAT as this sample paper is their only reliable go-to resource for the new pattern.


  1. Reading Speed & Accuracy- The new pattern seems to focus on reading comprehension and even the current affairs questions will be based on the passages. So, having a good reading speed will definitely give you an edge over the others. Although the no. of questions has been reduced but no. of passages has been increased and the passages are time-consuming. So, it will be a race against time.


  1. Its All About Practice- Since CLAT 2020 will be a race against time it is required you maintain your speed along with accuracy. And to achieve this all you need to do is practice, practice & practice. The more no. of mocks & questions solved, higher will be your chances of getting into a top NLU.


  1. More Of Reading – A good reading habit & comprehending all that you have read will make you score higher as all the question will now be in the passage form. The exam will analyze an aspirant’s reading and comprehending skill (necessary for any law aspirant) and hence having a sound understanding over the same will help you excel the new pattern effectively.


  1. Keeping Up With Updates- The NLU Consortium has at all stages released a notification about every change & update regarding CLAT 2020 exam. The press release by the Consortium of NLUs mentions some keywords which will help you shape your preparation. LegalEdge has tracked and posted about all these updates on its website.


So, even though the exam has undergone several changes and there are not many go-to resources, still the basic rules remain the same. Consistency in your study, practice, hard work & keeping your calm when things don’t go your way will always make you prepared. You can also take help of online resources available on LegalEdge’s website to prepare for CLAT 2020 new exam pattern. Also do not forget to join the LegalEdge’s Telegram channel to boost your preparation.


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