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Hear from Archit his success journey at LegalEdge


Archit Jain, AIR 264 NLIU


Archit is grateful to the whole LegalEdge team who supported him in all ups and downs he faced and guided him to do the best.


Q1. Congratulation for your outstanding performance in CLAT 2017. How did you feel after knowing the result?

Ans. First of all, thank you. But seriously speaking I was not expecting the rank I got after seeing the scorecard. It was all because of the hard work that was being put out by my mentors i.e. The whole LegalEdge team who supported me in every up and down I faced and guided me to do the best. Secondly, my family who was with me when I was in need of anything.So I am very happy to get a tier1 law college of the country and being a part of NLIU family.


Q2.  What made you choose law as a career option?

Ans.That's a good question to ask anybody who is preparing for any competitive examination as everybody has some reason, good reason to join law college. I chose law as I was not at all interested in science, so I got to know about CLAT and then the journey begins from there.


Q3.Did you follow any specific schedule?

Ans.  Like all others do, I also made schedules and didn't follow it and many don't follow this which is a  bitter truth. But the schedule I followed is quite different from other but I followed my mind's schedule i.e.  I did whatever I wanted to do at that particular time. I did whatever I felt interested in and that's the thing I want to share with you all of you. Do the things you are interested in doing at that particular time but managing studies and other stuff is equally important.


Q4. How did you manage your weaker subjects?

Ans. Getting knowledge about your weak areas and strong areas is must if you want to clear CLAT. As preparing for CLAT needs quality hours and not quantity hours.I was a fresher I had to manage my 12th with CLAT so wasting time in unnecessary things I could not afford at any cost so I always looked forward to the things which were most needed and if I got time, after all, this  then only I picked other stuff which was not important but should be read or solved once as CLAT can anytime surprise you with anything.So the thing is always maintained time between your weaker areas and stronger areas. First, identify the areas which you are good at and it takes 1-2 month time to know your areas and plan your time according to it. I was good at maths and Analytical reasoning so I hardly gave anytime solving this. I just solve 1 paper containing misc. questions of each subject on alternate days, just to be in flow to that subject.

And talking about my weaker areas. I was below average student in English.I could hardly get 7-8 marks in that so I started giving more time to it.. At one stage it was like without studying English a day. It seems incomplete so dedication and hard work to weaker areas are must if to get CLAT cleared by good marks.


Q5. What tips do you want to give to the young students who are preparing for CLATor want to prepare for CLAT?

Ans. See preparing for CLAT is not that difficult. It just needs some quality time and smart work .Also, the thing many students do wrong is that they study without knowing what they are studying.They just try to complete everything their hands lay on which ultimately wastes the time and efficiency study.

Now talking about subject wise preparation.

English:- I was always very bad with English I never gave much attention to this subject, But thanks to the LegalEdge especially Anuja ma'am and Aasim sir who always reminded me to focus on English.Therefore you need to carefully listen to the faculty whatever they teach you. Read some stuff on daily basis. Practice10 vocab words daily and finish your modules twice or thrice according to your grasping power and rest LegalEdge will do a lot for you... :-)

GK :- I was not good at static but good at current affairs as I was very interested in it and revise it three or four times. Make your habit to make notes of gktoday on daily basis and do its Q&A daily. Subsequently do mont, affairs cloud every month twice and mug up all the questions Abhishek sir give you as they are very important.

For static lucent is best.. and if you can get time try to finish ncert books from class 6th to 10th... and also read and mug up Abhishek sir notes nicely..

Maths:- Very different from others.. Maths was my fav subject and Arvind Sir made it too more exciting by their quality questions. I never got bored doing Maths.. so I put very LegalEdgess time doing it.I do solve RS Agarwal and LegalEdge booklets. Maths need patience as it can't be done in a month or two. So be patient and don't get afraid.Believe me, if u give time to it you will love doing it.and don't forget Maths is the subject which makes difference.

Legal:- One suggestion to you all for static Legal reasoning is that take Harsh sir's classes very seriously. Whatever he says in class make notes of it and do complete module and lucent gk for it.

For Legal reasoning, questions solve all the previous year's papers 3-4 times as questions are made from this questions only and you will get a lot of quality questions in LegalEdge mocks.Therefore you need to analyze every mock you give.

Logical Reasoning:- I always loved analytical reasoning part because I was very good at that from starting I had to put very fewer efforts to that but critical reasoning part was always a hurdle for me.Get RS Agarwal and try completing it  2-3 times as direct questions are asked from it and do complete every question of LegalEdge modules.For critical reasoning go with MK Pandey and LegalEdge modules.

So my suggestion to all of you is don't make yourself much exhausted, CLAT only needs smart work. Don't worry so much.If you are a LEite you will enjoy every moment, every success, every failure, every up and down, you can't get nervous at LegalEdge as there are a lot of people at LegalEdge who are always for you. Anytime you ask for their help they will be available for you.The type of competition LegalEdge provides, you can't get it from anywhere.The positivity, the hard work, the friendliness.In short, it's the best place.

So all the very best to all of you.

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