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Hear from a CLAT rank holder Anand, his success mantra.


Let's hear from Anand how the faculty at legalEdge leaves no stones unturned. They work on your weak areas and make sure that you utilize your strengths to the fullest.


Q1.Congratulations for your outstanding performance in CLAT 2017! Were you expecting this result?

Ans. First of all, Thank you. I was not expecting this result as when I gave the exam I was not sure what will be the result as I only attempted 169 questions and when I saw my marks I felt disastrous as I got only 114.5 marks but when I saw the result that was a relief.


Q2.What made you choose law as a career option?

Ans. I am a weak person when it comes to arguments so what I needed was to strengthen my weakness and also wanted a career where I can get a lot of money. When asked about these stuff from my parents they said the law can be an option. This is from where I started thinking about law for the first time. So I can say that the power which is in the field of law to defeat someone without any weapon but with mere words made me to choose law.


Q3.Did you follow any specific study schedule? If yes then what was your study schedule?

Ans. When it comes to studies I am a nocturnal being. I study most of the time during the night. There was no study schedule of mine but what I did was I always tried to strengthen the subject I am weak at.


Q4.Did you face any problem during CLAT examination? Which subject was the easiest and which was the toughest? What according to you is the most difficult thing about the exam?

Ans. Actually, the problem that I faced was one my weaknesses i.e., reading speed with a complete understanding of it. The subject that I felt easiest was legal and logical part as I was well prepared for these two subjects. And which I found difficult was GK as I wasn’t good in this subject especially with current affairs. But the faculty at legal edge leaves no stones unturned. They work on your weak areas and make sure that you utilize your strengths to the fullest.


Q5.What according to you is the biggest mistake that a CLAT aspirant makes?

Ans. According to me the biggest mistake a CLAT aspirant makes is that he lets the little and small doubts to slip through. He doesn’t pay much attention to those little problems that eventually gets converted into a large problem in the last. So, what I advise is not to let those little doubts to slip through and must try to clear it by discussing it with a concerned faculty member.


Q6. At legalEdge we are taught that it is better to know both: what part of the syllabus is to be covered and what should be left. What do you believe in hard work or smart work?

Ans. In my opinion, all the parts should be covered as I think every little topic which is in the syllabus of CLAT is important for me. I believe in both but kind of work but for me,  smart work comes first because hard work without smart work will not show the desired result. But when both are combined i.e., hard work with smart work will lead you to the desired outcomes.


Q7.You are now an inspiration for many young students across the country. What is your message for future CLAT aspirants?

Ans.Here hope or faith plays an important role, many students start losing hope when they don’t get desirable marks in CLAT mocks and stops studying as they think they can’t crack the exam whether they study or not. But we all know for doing anything we have to have faith in ourselves that I can do it. So, what I suggest is don’t lose your hope no matter what.


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