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8 useful tips on how to prepare for CLAT


Common law admission Test is an integrated test conducted for the students after secondary class

to get admission to the  desired law universities in India. There are various undergraduate programs associated with the CLAT entrance test conducted all over the India.

Every year there are around more than 35000 students that appear for CLAT, out of which, the luckier ones i.e. 2250 only are able to crack it and succeed in it .This number reflects the competitive spirit of the exam

If a candidate desires to be a part of the top law college and he/she is serious in preparing for the law exam then a detailed in depth knowledge and preparation strategy is required to be undertaken before appearing for the exam.

Considering the time span, it has been observed that students are hardly left with a time period of 4 months preparation.

Below mentioned are the 8 useful tips that will definitely motivate students under the best possible guidance.

1.       Make a proper Study schedule:

The foremost thing to start preparing about CLAT is the need to make a proper time table and            study plan for both daily and monthly basis. The topics should be divided so that they can be individually covered as per the left out time for the exam.

2.       Join coaching:

It’s a candidate’s own personal decision whether he /she requires any help from the coaching centers or self-study is enough and can help him/her getting through the entrance exam.

3.       Read newspaper:

Reading is anyways the best habit a person can adapt .Knowledge about current affairs shows the eagerness to know about the nation and world which in turn results in getting familiarized about the general knowledge in various scenarios.

4.       Get proper notes and study material:

Subject wise preparation of the notes can simplify the way of learning. Collecting study material related to different sections of the CLAT exam like mathematics, legal aptitude, logical reasoning beforehand can result in efficient time saving.

5.       Deep study:

Remember that in CLAT, success can be achieved through continues studying and studying. The suggested books by the tutors, previous year students and by the experts can help you get the fruits.

6.       CLAT previous year sample papers:

Once a candidate is through with his/her preparation, the best way to test oneself is by practicing the questions present in previous year sample papers. They usually have more probability of occurring in the exam and hence one can get to know the weaker and the stronger side.

7.       Grab command over English and Math Section:

Enhancing ones speed by practicing these two sections will help an individual to make a grip over them as these are the two basic sections in a CLAT exam and occupy a great weightage.

8.       Time Management:

Developing the habit of effective time management every time one attempts the question will result in a guaranteed success. Keep refining your strategy. Consolidating ones preparation is a point to be remembered.This practice comes with regular attempting questions in the limited time frame. Moving over to the next question without wasting time would definitely be a smarter tip in the long run.


Push yourself and have faith in yourself because at the end, it is only you that matters.

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