5 Reasons to Choose Law

August 29, 2018 288 views
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Once you complete your 12th class, the main question that comes to your mind is 'what to do next?'. Some of the students are clear on what they want to pursue while others are still in dilemma between some options. The problem student faces are whether after opting for an option/a career, what if they don't like it? or will they change their career line to some other course? These questions generally put a student in a perplexed position. Deciding on a career is not easy so, this article will give you the reasons why you should choose law and enter into the legal profession.

1. It has diverse legal options and dynamic environment- 

After opting for the law, you will find the LLB is not only about judiciary or litigation. It caters to many legal options to choose from and which serves a number of core and the non-core of legal functions. It provides opportunities in corporate fields, Arbitration and Conciliation, etc. A law student can become from a lawyer, mediator, judges, paralegals, consultants, secretaries, lecturer, etc. The role of the legal profession is expanding and keeping pace with the changing legal system. With the change in environment, a law professional must be willing to take responsibilities, master new technology, tackle new challenges and navigate the changing environment. This dynamic environment will make everyday more enjoyable and fulfill the work experience.

2. Growth and Opportunity-

There is the staggering growth in the legal profession. When you enter a law college, you'll see that there are so many options like moot courts, client counselling, paper presentation, etc. which will help to develop an individual's growth and personality. These competitions are so interesting and will prepare you for the future. Making a career in law will give you so many opportunities to choose from and later you can opt for a subject in which you want to specialize in. The opportunities are vast in the legal field. It does not restrict you to the courtrooms. The career in law will open your options in media, NGOs, National and International organizations. On the top of that, the law schools would develop a student’s personality and prepares the one to be ready to enter into the professional world. There are a lot of co-curricular activities offered by the law school to help the students to achieve his/her goals. However, it is important if you want to get into a good law college in India, you can take CLAT coaching which will help you to get a decent law college.

3. Interesting subjects and case studies-

If you consider yourself an avid reader, then law can be a good career option for you. This field requires a lot of studying and analyzing the case laws. You'll find a lot of interesting case laws and will learn a lot of things which will groom your personality. The field of law provides so many options and has divided into specialties and the sub specialties that will cater to every legal interest. If you want to pursue in litigation then you have an option to specialize in civil law, criminal law, family law, employment law or other many practice areas. If you prefer your career in the corporate field then you could specialize in mergers and acquisition, tax law, finance, real estate and other corporate practice areas and choose accordingly which will satisfy your interests.

4. Intellectual changes and Global Perspective- 

This profession creates an intellectual environment by navigating the evolving legal system, a vast number of case laws, and demand of such legal profession. Lawyers have to deal with conceptually challenging issues, analyze the statutory laws and case, reason with logic and the clarity, intense research on the legal issues and mastering the written and oral communication. There is also a good thing about law is that many firms and corporations are expanding throughout the world through acquisitions, collaborations, consolidations and mergers with the foreign companies. The globalization of all the legal profession gives today's profession in the legal area a worldview and gives the opportunity to expand your business internationally.

5. Prosperity and Prestige-

Earlier, the legal profession has endured the downturns of economy quite well and also should be doing in the future to improve the growing geographic and the diversification of practice in many law firms. Some of the practices like litigation, residential real estate, bankruptcy etc. will benefit from the economic slowdown and as a result, the law field will have many job opportunities in the economic climate.

In order to get enrolled in a good law school, it is important to take CLAT coaching as it will help you to crack the entrance test and it will also give you the essence of what it likes to be a law student.

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