5 Non-Educational Preparation Tips for every CLAT Aspirant

January 17, 2019 1338 views
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Once you have decided to appear for the CLAT, at some point during your preparation you might get too overwhelmed and worried about the final result of the exam. In such a moment it is necessary to remember that the final result is not something you can control right now. Right now all you can do is prepare for the exam sincerely. Everything else is beyond your control so there is actually no point worrying about it.You can make your preparation more wholesome if you follow some tips that can help you learn and also not get overwhelmed and stressed out by. You can include certain habits that are not educational, yet they will facilitate your learning overall. Some of these tips are mentioned below:  

Organise Yourself

The best thing to do when you have a big goal that gets you worried is to plan your preparation. Try to keep a small timetable for yourself that provides for most of the major activities you do in the day.Set deadlines for yourself and try to meet them. It is important that you keep these deadlines realistic and not made them too ambitious. While it is important to challenge yourself to go an extra mile, be sure not to overburden yourself. It is important that you find the deadlines doable otherwise you will never be inclined to stick to them.Try to schedule whatever topics you want to complete in a weekly manner. Assign yourself tasks for each day and evaluate them on the weekend. Depending on how many tasks were you were able to complete and how many are still left, make changes to your schedule and again evaluate next week.It is important that you use all the means that you have at your disposal. Try to put daily reminders or alarms. Take help of free apps available to keep a check on your schedule. You can use Google Calendar to mark out days where you should be taking a mock test.Try to work out a routine that can become a part of your habit. If you are able to follow that routine successfully for at least 3 weeks, it will most likely become a part of your habit and that will help you a lot in your preparation. Anything that can ascertain regularity in your preparation is essential. Therefore, a big part of your preparation should be organising yourself.

Turn Off Distractions

Whenever you sit down to study, it is important that you keep all distractions at bay and try to get the most of your study hours. In order to do this, firstly you need to make sure that the environment is conducive. Try to find a space that does not have a lot of disturbance, and where you can concentrate.It is recommended that you use a proper desk and chair, as psychologically, since you will be giving your exam sitting on a proper chair and desk the possibility of you being able to recall something you read greatly increases if you read it in a similar environment. (Fun fact: That’s actually the same reason why the witnesses are taken to the actual crime scenes or the scene is recreated before them. It helps them remember better)Before you down to study try to ensure you have all the books, notebooks, stationery you will need. Since we are trying to address distractions, you should also put your cell phone on silent or turn the notifications off. It is also advisable to not multi-task, too.The idea is to prevent any activity that can possibly become a distraction though it may not seem like one.

Take Care of Your Health

In order to maintain your best mental health, it is important to maintain your physical health. So, it is very important that you take care of yourself.Get your rest. Do not overwork yourself. There is no point tiring yourself out, as your productivity will decrease. It is important that you get 6 to 8 hours to sleep at night. It is not worth messing up your sleep routine will not pay. It will reduce your concentration.Also, take care of your diet and get some exercise. Try to eat healthily and maybe go for a walk in the evening or after dinner to help digestion. Any amount of stress can affect your digestion.It’s advisable that you eat healthily and try to stay healthy so that you can stay fresh and concentrate on your preparation better.

Do Not Lose Hope, Keep Yourself Motivated

Try to take one day at a time and stick to your schedule without worrying about the ultimate result. There is nothing that you can contribute to the result by worrying about it. Keep a check on your thoughts and do not let them get the better of you. In case it does start to happen, try to see your thoughts to actually help you prepare, if they cannot and mostly that will be the case, move on to something that will help you. Try to solve some exercise or read some current affairs. You can also pin up some motivational quotes in your study area to keep you motivated.Don’t be demotivated by a certain score in a certain mock. Keep in mind that it is a process, and intelligence is not a fixed trait. You can work on it and improve your score. It is better to analyze your test honestly and take a note of things that went wrong that try to tackle them in them in the next mock.Make up some way of rewarding yourself, it can be anything that you like doing. And use it whenever you are able to complete all your tasks of the day in time. For example, if you set out to attempt a mock and wanted to get a score of 120, and if you do get it, you can reward yourself by watching a movie that you wanted to watch. It helps you unwind and also acts as a small incentive for your preparation.Manage your stress through some activity that helps you. It can be breathing exercises, music, walking around the block for a while, anything that helps you. Preparing for a National Level exam does get stressful, especially in the last few months before the exam. And if you do not address it then, it might lead to anxiety. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge stress and manage.

Work Smart, Not Hard

While working hard is important, it is more important that you work smartly. Most of the people who will be giving CLAT would be preparing hard. You can stand out of the race if you work smart. Here are a few things that you can do:Divide all major topics in small subtopics. Study the sub-topics individually so that instead of spending two hours of just logical, you can keep your mind fresh by studying English, logical, maths and legal for 30 minutes each. It’s similar to cutting up a big piece into smaller pieces so they become easier to eat. Similarly, try to be regular and consistent in your preparation so that you can avoid trying to mug up everything right before the exam.Try to work around whatever time you get in the day, and not restrict yourself to the two-three hours of study you have kept. Utilize your idle time to do something productive. Look through some general knowledge quiz on your mobile while you are travelling in a bus, metro, etc. Try installing some free apps in your mobile that can give you a daily dose of vocabulary and general knowledge. There are free apps and websites available that have MCQs on topics like History, Geography, Polity, etc. Go through them when you are sitting and got nothing to do. This is better than wasting your time and trying to cram everything in the two three hours of study you have set out for yourself.Practice a lot and analyse your mistakes. Keep a note of your performance in all the mocks you attempt. You can even take down the questions you got wrong and try to work on similar questions so that you are able to attempt that type of question correctly, in future. It is important to access your performance every now and then. It’s only if you practice and access that you know what areas require work.When trying to memorise things, use different techniques to help you memorise it. Some of the most useful techniques are acronyms, visualisation, and association. You can read about them online and try them out.Another smart thing to do is to find similar minded people who are also preparing for CLAT, and try to form a study group. You can set similar goals and work on them together. They can help you with doubt solving. Plus, you also get to know if you have missed some important topic that you ought to have covered.While preparing for CLAT, getting worried about the final outcome is natural since it is an important step in your career. But it is equally important you learn to deal with such thoughts so that they don’t hamper your preparation. All the tips listed above can help you depending on how well you employ them. Best of Luck!

thsnkuu... for encouraging us:)

thankuu... for encouraging us:)

Just awesome motivation!!!

Just one word LE...awsm

Just one word for LE...AWSM

Thank .......thank u so much This particular article helped the most . As i was losing my hope but from today i will give my best ...

Thank .......thank u so much This particular article helped the most . As i was losing my hope but from today i will give my best ...

Thank you so much

Thank you so much LE team

Thnks LE team for encouraging me.....

You nailed it

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