3 Easy Ways To Optimise Online Preparation For CLAT 2020

May 14, 2020 444 views
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Believe it or not, the digital wave has hit and will continue to penetrate deeply in the education sector. Preparing online for any exam, let alone your school exams will slowly be the new normal. This might certainly bring in waves of uncertainty and apprehensions in the students and parents. Here is when mentors at LegalEdge are completely ready for this big shift for CLAT 2020.

On the flip side, being a student and spending long hours digitally for learning a concept or testing, could be challenging as well. We bring to you top 3 ways which are easy to follow and enhance your online preparation for CLAT 2020. It all depends on you following them.

1. Keep things away: Since preparing online would mean attending to online classes that are streamed live, if you keep your table cluttered, it would only hinder your focus. Keep only the required stationery on the table for your classes. Those extra set of books, your snacks, and anything that is not required during the online live session, keep it aside.

This will help you in two ways, firstly to focus with enhanced clarity and secondly to avoid being a couch potato. When things are kept a bit far away, you would certainly pace till there and bring about movement.

2. Online time is only study time: It could be daunting to use the internet only for study and not for checking out those enticing notifications. Here is when you need to motivate and remind yourself of being online, i.e achieving your goal.

Keep reminding yourself the purpose, turn off the notifications, be online only when your classes are scheduled and be back to normal studies. With LegalEdge’s online live classes for CLAT 2020, you already have the week’s schedule beforehand. You also know the CLAT 2020 syllabus, so it is simply management. Keep demarcations between online times could be fruitful for your study and vision as well.   

3. Plan your day: This is the most important tip that is used by almost every successful person. Being a CLAT 2020 aspirant, you must develop this habit early in life. Since you have your schedule with you, you can clearly devote time for self-study, refreshments, revision times, doubt clearing and alike. It might sound childish but you can also plan your breaks. This would help you to get out of the spiral that being online takes you to.  

Make use of modern apps and timers, to ensure you use your time productively. It is really a happy and satisfying space in the mind when you tick off everything from your list at the end of the day.

Begin with little notes, reminders, task lists, or any other way that ensures your day is planned.

The online classes may continue to be your coaching for quite some time now. Surely, getting accustomed to this ecosystem might take time. But with interactive online live classes for CLAT 2020 by LegalEdge, you must be experiencing a similar study environment like that of offline classes. Again, there could be technical issues that might come up, but remember the larger goal at hand-your preparation for CLAT 2020.

Just stay healthy, stay motivated and keep working towards your goal.   

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